Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Smith County judge declares Cherokee County "corrupt"

Smith County Judge: Dallas County Incompetent, Cherokee County Corrupt

By: Matthew Bailey - Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 .

 Tyler, Texas - Smith County Judge the Honorable Randall Lee Rogers made statements [while] on the courts bench while in session that two counties in the North/East Texas area are incompetent and/or corrupt. Although the good judge didn’t go into much detail to the reasons to why he felt this way, by listening to his expression on the matter, you could tell he had a knowledge of something that would make him say that about another county. Judge Roger however gave an explanation that he would not do business with Dallas or Cherokee counties from with-in his jurisdiction/court on legal issues. 

 Dallas and Cherokee may have corruption and incompetency issue that should be resolved and it is brave for Judge Rogers to even make statements about it. Coming from a Judge that could arrest and jail anyone for lying, you can pretty much bet when he says something it is true. So if Mr. Rogers says Dallas County is incompetent and Cherokee County is corrupt, it is believable. 

 Why is [it] good that the Honorable Randall Lee Rogers said something? Maybe in some way it will blow the whistle on some bad stuff that goes on in those counties. Of course it may just be his opinion that these two counties are in such shape but what would make the Judge react toward them in this manner? Past experiences perhaps.



Tylerites, or Smith Countyites should feel proud to know that their judge holds values enough to speak up when he sees something going on wrong. [Too]  many times [do] we hear about [a] someone who does something wrong and never one who is the fight for right. Thanks for looking out for us Judge, however you do it. 


Anonymous said...

Judge Rogers should be retired already. Mr Rogers like many Smith Co. Judges are just nasty republicans that find joy in ruining many peoples lives. It wasn't too many years ago that the Houston Chronicle had a article on Smith Co. It wasn't a nice article either. All "law enforcement and the "justice" system in this country is corrupt and disgusting. The billions of dollars spent on the "war on drugs" and the private prison groups on the stock exchange are a large part of the corruption and debt of this country that is doing nothing but ruining millions of lives and putting a lot of money in a small portion of the population

Anonymous said...

All levels and branches of the legal system in this state and country are corrupt and disgusting. As for "inappropriate" language will be deleted- that is censorship which is inappropriate. All the powers that be in this state and country want everyone to be and act a certain way- like robots basically. If you have a mind of your own and step outside the box that government and corporations have in place currently then you get to be unemployed etc. If you can force yourself to try to fake it in the box than you will be miserable but unemployed. Laws/courts are causing far too many problems in todays world- background checks, drug screening- personally I need THC in my system to make myself stay in the box(but its not in their box so that creates problems), the DEA delaying peoples medication being refilled and making doctors too scared to prescribe meds in dosage and amounts needed. Far too many problems to name, the judicial system is a disgusting disgrace to this state and country. Or as the courts would say-against the peace and dignity of the state, which should be directed to the judges and prosecutors not most defendants


That is why it important to research candidates who their local enablers refuse to vet. And use some basic common sense when reading the same lies year after year printed in the local newspapers. The “DEA” operating in East Texas is simply a propaganda arm of local law enforcement. The “black helicopters” flying around the East Texas skies are for transport and deterrent only. Local law enforcement receives tips from a variety of sources, mainly from illegal phone taps and listening in to private phone conservations. They then do an illegal and warrantless recon on the property they suspect of drug activity. Upon confirmation, helicopters are called in to conduct raids with supporting agencies. The thermal imaging (FLIR) used by National Guard and DEA helicopters can only be used to confirm what is known on the grown; the infrared patterns of drug activity are no different from any other unless out in the middle of nowhere.


The first mistake is to think along party lines in East Texas where family members move back and forth, pushing outsiders out of the political arena. It is about getting a government job and permanent government check. They pretend to run against their own cousins to garnish votes from viable candidates threatening the status quo. The second mistake is to associate with an area notorious for corruption. People who do drugs and sell drugs are enabling the corruption. Voting one way or another has no consequence in counties whose law enforcement and politicians are all related.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Smith County resident and I know first hand that they are corrupt. Judge Roger's is pointing his finger at others and three are pointing back at Smith County. They are the most corrupt group of judges and district attorneys in the state. I don't understand how he can twist his lips to call any other county corrupt and Smith county was labeled the most corrupt county in the United States not Texas but the United States.

Troy Smith said...

Sence the later 70,s this coruption has been going on in smith county courts