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In the memory of Jennifer Hester, Jacksonville, TX

Jacksonville, TX:
This post from the news article that ran in the Jacksonville, TX Daily Progress.
We post it here forever, for the taxpayers of Cherokee County, Texas. Local Jacksonville, Texas nursing school graduate Jennifer Hester was struck by a pickup and killed within her apartment complex. The grieving Hester family was told by the Jacksonville, TX police department and Cherokee County District Attorney that a "hit-and-run homicide could not be investigated on private property."
Elmer C. Beckworth, Jr. presented Jennifer Hester's death to a Cherokee County grand jury as an "accident" that she caused. The driver was No Billed. The Jacksonville Police Department continued the charade after the fact, claiming in the Daily Progress to seek "additional information."

Elmer Beckworth, et al has championed the death, that could have been prevented with one phone call, of Faye Bell Harris of Jacksonville, TX. Yet no offer nor the semblance of a formal grand jury investigation into the death of Jennifer Hester, mother and daughter. Elmer Beckworth even calls the incident"a hit-and-run" in his few statements to local media.
Because the greiving Hester family and friends of Jennifer offered no political clout, Beckworth refused to convene a real grand jury to question the driver of the hit -and-run. The individual was exonerated before the grand jury foreman signed the NO BILL. And of course, relatives and cousins were seated on the panel by a sympathetic District Clerk.
Any other county in the state would have, by law, convened a grand jury and at minimum, indicted the driver with Involuntary Manslaughter. The sentence could have been commuted. Only in Cherokee County, folks, only in Cherokee County. And hopefully the populace can catch Elmer Beckworth's faux paux of actually calling the accident a "HIT AND RUN" in the Daily Progress article. Hit and Run, but no indictment? If you accidently back into someone's car in the parking lot, the driver is legally liable. Human life is more valuable than a fender bender. Laws and penal codes are completely arbitrary when it comes to the allies of the Cherokee County Texas district attorney's office.

What if the driver had not been related to the grand jury foreman, and let's say, been an out-of-state driver who caused a minor accident?

From the Jacksonville Daily Progress:
in memory of Jennifer Hester
Editor’s note: Due to the high volume of letters received expressing grief over the loss of Jennifer Hester, who died as a result from a hit-and-run accident on Feb. 12, 2005, the Daily Progress staff is running all letters received to this point together here.

Remembering Jennifer HesterOne year ago today on February 12, 2005 Jennifer Hester lost her life. In one moment, the lives of all those that loved her were forever changed. Jennifer was a hard worker always striving to make her life and the lives of those she loved better. Most importantly she was a daughter, a mom, a sister and a best friend. Jennifer lost her life to the senseless, heartless and cowardly act of hit and run. No time for good byes no time for a last hug or kiss in a split second she was gone and so was the driver. Today we honor Jennifer for the woman that she was and all that she would have been given the chance. Remember her and honor her. If you didn’t know her, think of her as your mother, sister, daughter and friend.
I know the pain the Hester family suffers all to well, I lost my sister and best friend, Tina DeMuro to a hit and run driver on November 9, 2005. If you do not understand our pain, be thankful, I would not wish this pain on anyone. Let’s not only remember Jennifer today but rather let us all remember her everyday. She was a beautiful person who should still be with her family.Kelley Olivera, Wallington, NJ In memory of Jennifer HesterDaughter, Sister, Mother and Friend.Today will mark the one-year anniversary that Jennifer Hester’s life ended and the lives of her family and friends changed forever.Jennifer was a loving daughter, compassionate sister, nurturing mother and a great friend. She worked hard all her life to provide for her family and for herself. Everything she did in life was to be successful.
That is what Jennifer accomplished by finishing school and becoming a nurse and providing a life for her 3-year-old son Mason.On February 12, 2005 – Jennifer’s life ended by the hands of a hit and run driver. She was left to die in the streets of her hometown. She was taken from her family and friends without a goodbye or answers to questions that are still unknown today. Her son Mason – asks everyday about his mommy and Jennifer’s family has to explain that she is in heaven now. How does anyone take on that – to explain to a 3 year old little boy that his mommy is not here. His mommy will not be tucking him in at night or reading him a story. His mommy will not be teaching him how to ride a bike or getting him on the school bus for his first day of Kindergarten. Yes, Jennifer will see her little boy grow up – but the only way is to be looking down from Heaven. That is not fair to Jennifer or Mason.
Today – we remember Jennifer and who she was and through her son Mason – her legacy will live on. But we also remember that the driver that took Jennifer’s life – their life still goes on. They will see their children grow up and be able to hug their family and friends. This person has not been handed down a consequence for what they did. Everyone needs to remember – it could be your loved one, one day being taken from you and someone driving away. Stopping your vehicle and rendering aid is to only solution to an accident. Driving away – only causes more grief and pain that will never go away.I personally did not know Jennifer – but through a support group – I meet her family and friends.
My father was killed by a hit and run driver, November 14, 2003 and the person responsible for his death is still at large today. I know the pain that the Hester family is going through. Please remember Jennifer today and everyday – she was a wonderful person and would have made a world of difference in your community if only given a chance.
Thank you –Lisa MilesDaughter of Lawrence R. Skinner, Sr. (killed by a hit and run driver November 2003)
My heart goes out to Jenn’s family.I am writing this letter in regard to the upcoming one year anniversary of the death of Jennifer Hester. I never meet Jenn in person but I feel like I have known her all my life thru her sister Dana and her friend Kari. They miss her more than words could ever express. My heart goes out to all of Jenn's family and friends during this difficult time. My God bless them and the angels surround them with comfort and peace. We miss u Jenn.
Sincerely, Amie Nobles Navasota, Texas
A wonderful friend is missed. Words can not describe how unique Jennifer was. Jennifer is so talented, she could sing, play instruments write songs, and dance. But her best talent was raising her son. Jennifer was a wonderful loving mother. I miss our friendship so much, this has been a long hard year and I miss her beyond words. I miss talking to her everyday and laying in sun with her and our kids playing together. Jennifer is a wonderful person and she will never be forgotten.
Her son is Jennifer made over, all you have to do is look into his eyes and you see Jennifer, he is a comfort. February 12 will be one year since she was taken away and the pain is just as great now as it was last February 12th. I am writing this in honor of a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, cousin, and friend. I miss you so much Jennifer. Love you, Kari GroganOne year ago today someone made a choice that would affect the lives of an entire family and community, forever. One year ago today Jennifer Hester was left to die on the road as the person who hit her drove away. Jennifer was a dedicated mom to her 3 year old son Mason.
Jennifer raised Mason while putting herself through nursing school and had only been working at her new career for 3 weeks when she was struck and killed. On this, the one year anniversary of Jennifer’s death, we remember her. A mother, sister, daughter, friend. I did not know Jennifer myself. But I have met her family and friends through our shared grief, losing a loved one to hit and run. Having lost my nephew to this horrible crime, I know the path of devastation it wreaks. Somewhere there is a person who is living his or her life without consequence. But Jennifer does not have that opportunity, nor do her family, friends or most importantly her son Mason.
Jennifer is gone forever and that is a grief to the world, beyond words to describe. I would ask that each person remember Jennifer today. Think about your daughter, sister, mother, friend and how you would feel if one moment their life was held in someone else’s hands, and that person just drove away. Remember Jennifer today and every day.
Karen Paul, (aunt of Christopher Bascom, killed Nov. 2003 by hit and run)
Even the law students at UT have been conned by the slick wording of Propostion 4, co-authored by former State Senator Todd Staples (R, Palestine) and the Cherokee County District Attorney.
The UT Daily Texan reporter cited above erroneously reports that before Prop. 4 was voted in, a district judge could not revoke a defendant's bail:   "Previously, a judge could only deny bail to a defendant if he or she has violated specific conditions of bail: the accused has at least two prior felony convictions, the felony was committed while the accused was on bail, or a lethal weapon was involved in the felony."
This is has never been the case; a defendant could have his bail revoked and placed in custody for spitting on the sidewalk. After the third offense; Cherokee County never bothered to charge Michael Harris for his consecutive bond violations.
That is what the biggest lie that has been told by the sponsors. It is a complete fabrication, design to get support from the weak-kneed legislature. The lies are easy to swallow when they are based on emotion. And the lies are even easier to repeat.
The fact is not one finger was lifted to keep Michael Harris from killing his wife. Michael Harris was in Cherokee County custody while he sought drug treatment at the Rusk State Hospital. Faye Harris was ignored. The fact is Cherokee County orchestrated the murder of this women by deliberately not revoking her drug addict husband's bond, the first time he threatened to kill her AND definitely not the third time. The Texas Constitution did not tie the hands of Cherokee County. The Texas Constitution only ties the hands of the patently corrupt.
It appears to the outsider that the only way these people gain respect within their peer group is to concoct a lie, and the most people to repeat it, no matter how ludicrous and retarded.
Cherokee County's "narcotics" officers can pull over vehicles with broken tail lights and the district courts can confiscate the contents of the car with one phone call---
but they can't revoke a drug addict's bond to prevent a pending homicide.
The family of Jennifer Hester has placed a touching on line memorial in her honor.

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