Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jacksonville, TX police officer Sentenced to 12 years for Rape and Retaliation

"Jacksonville Texas: a town where you can be raped right out of speeding ticket."
The City of Jacksonville, TX keeps rapist cop on the payroll and on his beat at the behest of the Cherokee County District Attorney's office.

rapist cop Larry  Pugh on patrol
Nine (9) Cherokee County, Texas women filed federal law suits over the alleged sexual predator cop Larry Pugh, formerly with Jacksonville, PD. This guy was arrested by federal agents back in 2006 for molesting women during traffic stops. While out on federal bond, Pugh stalked his complainants and attempted to dispose of a Jacksonville, TX woman that filed rape charges.
Officer Pugh is accused of running his belt around her neck, pulling her into a van and trying to haul her off. The "retaliation" was an obvious attempt at permanently silencing his latest rape victim. Just a simple retaliation against a druggie he arrested and was facing charges in the Cherokee County District Courts. Not an attempted murder on a federal witness. See how things are reported and handled in East Texas? Attempted murder would result in lawsuits that would break the back of the city of Jacksonville, TX.  After the FBI began there investigation of Pugh on October 21, 2005, Officer Pugh was suspended with pay.
As mentioned in a U.S.C. § 1983 action filed in the US District Court, the policy of tolerating police misconduct goes beyond the doors of the Jacksonville police department. The DA’s office was made aware of Officer’s Pugh excessive force misconduct in October 2005 when a black man named Larry Lacey (also a former Cherokee County peace officer) was accosted by Pugh during a fabricated traffic stop. Lacey was beaten with police batons and peppered sprayed in the face for “failure to signal required distance” and having an expired registration sticker.
Cherokee County, the city of Jacksonville and especially Officer Larry Pugh have maintained their innocence of the entire matter.
The Cherokee County District Attorney's office, the local Sheriff's Department and the City of Jacksonville has been sheltering rouge elements in its midst for decades. Larry Pugh wasn't the first and he won't be the last.
Officer Pugh has pleaded guilty and will face a few years in TDC where he can be on the receiving end. Jacksonville City Attorney Joe Angle of the Gordon, Thrall and Angle lawfirm offers no comment on the coming lawsuits against the city of Jacksonville. The object will be to deflect, diffuse and portray the victims in the worse possible light.

Finally report by the Jacksonville Daily Progress on April 1, 2007: Larry Pugh has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on 2 counts of sexual assault and retaliation.
View Officer Larry Pugh’s final appeal at:

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