Friday, December 2, 2022

DPS hides identity of hostage taker with prior convictions

In the 2nd Judicial District Court of Texas:

  • Burglary and Armed Robbery =  2 years adjudicated probation
  • Domestic Violence and Bodily Injury = 6 months probation
  • Causing a SWAT hostage scene in your front yard = no arrest and no grand jury
  • Getting an anonymous ride to the emergency room with police escort = priceless 
(Courtesy: KETK)
Jacksonville, TX: 
Another weekend, another hostage standoff with a resident drug snitch disturbing the peace after violating their probation.  On Saturday, November 26, 2022, the Jacksonville Police were dispatched to a home at the 36600 block of US-69 N after a man called 911 claiming to be holding his wife and daughter hostage. Responding officers shot the armed suspect in self defense, after he failed to comply and approached their vehicles menacingly. He was carted off to the local hospital for recovery and to sober up; the wife and daughter were uninjured. Names have not been released pending an investigation of the incident by the Texas Rangers. It's too embarrassing for the Sheriff Department and District Court to have the media report a local's violent criminal history and supervision in Carl Phillips' Adult Probation Department. (Man shot after allegedly holding wife and daughter hostage in Jacksonville, KETK)

Carl Phillips, head of Cherokee County Probation and convicted child molester.

How to No-Bill a guy holding a gun on his own family after putting him on probation for Aggravated Robbery? 
Give him a job at the local county precinct barn.
Even though the shooting was justifiable by all accounts, the DPS and local media won’t be disclosing the suspect’s prior convictions of Burglary and Armed Robbery. He was sentenced to only 2 years concurrent probation in Cherokee County. Most recently, the suspect has been arrested for Domestic Violence / Bodily Injury and given a 6-month probation sentence in the 2nd Judicial District Court. His name also won't be on the lips of the upcoming Grand Jury as long as the suspect's family doesn't sue the Jacksonville Police Department. Daddy will be released without bail and back home soon if he agrees to continue using his John Doe alias around town, and stop calling 911 when he's beating his wife.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Paroled drug snitch holds family hostage; Jacksonville Police Chief steps down

Career criminals avoid prosecution by working with Cherokee County narcotics enforcement.

Drug dealers and habitual thieves have their parole violation warrants dismissed after pulling guns, assaulting victims, and running from arresting officers. It's a game of cat-and-mouse. By giving up their fellow meth users, they avoid Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon charges and have state jail felonies dismissed despite prior convictions. Of course they escalate their drug use and always reoffend while they're out on bail. Law enforcement who release them believe the public is too stupid to figure out what is going on.

Justin Ray, Jacksonville TX busted 8/24/2022

Justin Odell Ray, 32, of Jacksonville, TX was arrested for the umpteenth time for holding a gun on a group of people during a crystal meth binge. East Texas media incredulously reports Ray's in-and-out parole journey beginning early this year in Cherokee County. In March, Justin Ray had a parole violation warrant issued for drug possession charges; he was arrested by Jacksonville PD and released without a parole hearing.

Justin Ray, busted 6/2/2022

In June, Justin Ray was charged with assault and evading arrest, and again released. In August this year, the Texas Pardon and Parole issued another warrant for Ray's arrest, which led a few days later to a foot chase with local SWAT. Ray had pulled a gun and threatened to kill some folks in the interim.  (Source: East Texas man arrested, accused of multiple parole violations, holding family at gun point KETK)

Justin Ray, circa 2007

Criminal Docket; Case 17350 and Case 17351 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 12/17/2008 - Disposition: 06/11/2009 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 19183 ; AGG ASSAULT W/DEADLY WEAPON
Filed 05/27/2014 - Disposition:
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 19248 ; POSS CS PG 1 <1G
Filed 05/27/2014 - Disposition: 03/18/2016 Dismissed-insufficient evidence
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Justin Ray has been a stoolie for Cherokee County law enforcement for over a decade. Despite being a habitual parole violator, arrest after arrest have led to mediocre bonds and his immediate release. A small fraction of his charges were ever prosecuted. Ray's public rap sheet begins at the age 18 with arrests spanning several counties that include domestic violence on numerous occasions, burglary, assault, theft, drugs, and parole violations.  Who makes the decision to release a violent habitual parole violator back on the streets of Jacksonville to terrorize residents? KETK reports the Texas Pardon and Parole Board dismissed Ray's parole violation warrant back in March after he was charged with possessing and dealing crystal meth.

Texas Pardon and Parole lifted the March 2022 parole warrant for Ray’s arrest, “releasing him back into society.” 

He was found to be in possession of narcotics and ammunition at the time of his arrest, according to officials. (KETK)

In June 2022, Justin Ray was previously arrested by Jacksonville PD and released for:

#1 Evading Arrest or Detention with a Motor Vehicle
#2 Evading Arrest Detention
#3 Assault Causes Bodily Injury
#4 Parole Violation

In a matter of days, he was back out for his latest ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON crime spree.

The real question is,  who in Cherokee County pressures the Texas Pardon and Parole to lift warrants for a habitual criminal on parole for AGGRAVATED ASSAULT?

Jacksonville Police Chief Joe Williams

Chief Joe Williams has reportedly taken a few weeks sabbatical after a whistleblower made an anonymous complaint against him. On August 29, 2022, Williams voluntarily took administrative leave as the Jacksonville Police Department's dirty laundry is squelched by "outside" third party resources uninterested in alleged sexual misconduct. (Source: Jacksonville police chief placed on administrative leave following ‘allegation’ -KETK) The shakeup comes on the heels of the high profile Cody Roberts murder trial that resulted in a mistrial in March and a not guilty verdict a week earlier. (Source: Jury finds Cody Roberts not guilty of 2018 murder in Cherokee County - KETK) The trial highlighted the sloppiness of investigators and jurors' disbelief in the State's case.

In house fighting, finger pointing, and political shenanigans are common in small town rumor mills. Hopefully the allegations are not serious enough for any female complainant to be dismembered in some nearby National Forest.

Shunte Coleman, Jacksonville TX

"Forensic pathologist identifies remains of Texas woman missing since 2006" (Wikipedia)

The skeletal remains of Shunte Coleman, a missing person since 2006, have reportedly been found near the Angelina National Forest in the US state of Texas. On Friday, the San Augustine, Texas sherriff's department announced remains found in San Augustine by a forester earlier this year are a DNA match for Coleman.

A forensic anthropologist from Sam Houston State University assisted with the investigation and determined the findings matched Jacksonville resident Coleman.

In 2006 Coleman's family said the 26-year-old Shunte was likely dead. Connections were drawn between Coleman and Jacksonville Police Officer Larry Pugh, who was later sentenced in March 2007 to a twelve-year jail term for sex assault while on duty and retaliation against a witness.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Alto ISD manipulates enrollment, gets UIL suspension; Property tax disasters postponed

It's better to be a big fish in a small pond.

County Judge Chris Davis' alma mater is currently under a 3 year UIL probationary suspension for misreporting the number of students in attendance. Alto ISD football had been playing with the big boys in the 2A- Division I conference for several years. In 2021, they dropped themselves down to Division II after a long losing streak.

2A Division I: 165.5 - 229 students
2A Division II: 105 - 165.4 students

(Source: UIL)

On Aug 2, 2022, UIL ruled unanimously Alto High School football ineligible for playoffs for 2 years, and on probation for 3 years. They don't have a thousand kids to keep track of; there are less than 166 enrolled students per conference cutoffs.

The vote comes after violations of conference based enrollment reporting. The UIL said the Alto, TX school district turned in enrollment numbers that were not accurate and affected Alto in realignment which moved them into conference 2A-II instead of conference 2A-I. (Source: KLTV)

This is only newsworthy to regional football teams, however it is yet another example of the systemic flipping of facts of practically everything that comes out of Cherokee County. And the padding of enrollment numbers to get into a larger state football conference and the dropping of a few to get into a more competitive one when things don't work out. It is being reported the UIL Committee realigned Alto ISD because of an alleged "error" involving three late enrolled students. The football team has currently been playing the 2021-2022 season in the lower ranked 2A Division II. 

The Jacksonville Progress reports the UIL was alerted by two former employees that Alto ISD deliberately misrepresented enrollment numbers to remain in its winning football conference.

An allegation by two former Alto Independent School District employees, one of which resigned and the other terminated — was submitted to the UIL earlier this year stating that the district had under counted it students on Snap Shot Day (Oct. 30, 2021).

The UIL investigation revealed that the district's 163 number did not include three students who began class in the district on Oct. 19-20, 2021. These students were officially reported as being enrolled in the district on Nov. 1, 2021.

Dr. Jamey Harrison of the UIL reminded everyone that schools were sent a Snap Shot Verification form on Nov. 16, 2021, so that corrections could be made to the number submitted if needed.

Alto officials signed off on the form, confirming that the original number sent in was correct. (Source: UIL Executive Committee rules Alto football ineligible for district awards, Jacksonville Progress Aug. 2, 2022)

The fact the Alto ISD superintendent blames the high school counselor and principal for the SNAFU tells you exactly who is running this train.

Property owners get railroaded with defaulted school taxes.

Texas school districts are funded from county property taxes and directly from the state. As of 2022, each district receives an allotment of $6100 per student each year. Federal funding is also distributed based upon need and attendance. After years of misappropriations, reporting has ceased on how delinquent school taxes are resolved after being passed on to property owners.  To date, state government watchdogs have overlooked this reverse Robin Hood. They know if they start asking questions, so called "conservative" Cherokee County and neighboring counties would flip to Democrat in a New York minute. They'd rather watch the place implode.

One disaster after another.

Jacksonville and Rusk school districts voted to increase property taxes to cover their combined $1.7 million tax deficits, to avoid being penalized by the Texas Comptroller's Office. Commercial real estate appraisals came in 15% lower than actual market values according to MAPS audits conducted by the State in 2018 and 2019. (Source: Cherokee County Appraisal District fails state property study, Daily Progress Feb. 13, 2020) Timber and agricultural exemptions in rural areas were blamed for CCAD's tax shortfalls, not the commercial and Section 8 rental properties of board members.

Cherokee County TX Chief Appraiser: "This is insane."

Cherokee County blames the Tax Code for devaluing the property of those controlling the purse strings, and passing costs onto those not in the clique. It's just so "confusing and unfair" according to Chief Appraiser Lee Flowers who Jacksonville City Council recently voted unanimously to remove from office for a $5 million tax "mistake." The CCAD Board of Directors who own a big chunk of property in the area of course voted to keep Flowers on the county payroll.

The Jacksonville city council called for the removal of Cherokee County Chief Appraiser Lee Flowers in May 2021 over pending litigation from conflicting numbers on an amended tax roll levy.

City Manager Greg Smith stated the city had lost $200,000 in tax revenue as a result of the difference in original tax levies Flowers deemed "clerical data entry mistakes." (Source: Jacksonville Progress May 15, 2021)

Source: CCAD 2022 Newsletter

 (Click to view)

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has done "limited scope" property tax appraisal audits since the 2018 failures, thanks to County Judge Chris Davis and Governor Greg Abbott declaring Cherokee County a disaster area right in time to cleverly circumvent in-depth biennial MAPS reviews. Never forget, as Attorney General, Greg Abbot's office also did not pursue criminal charges against those who robbed Lon Morris out of existence, Texas' oldest Junior College. Offended locals would jump party lines if their kinfolk were exposed manipulating enrollment and Financial Aid. They were such good stewards of your tax dollars and public trust funds. Keep forking it over, folks. You know you love it.

Everyone gets good marks during election year.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Governor Abbott blames Biden for dead migrants smuggled by Palestine, TX truck driver


Somebody has to pluck the chickens, bale the hay, and milk the cows. Those hired ranch hands are illegal aliens shipped into Anderson County and surrounding areas by the thousands. They plant the saplings in the National Forests for timber companies and clean the homes of the wealthy. Their employers are large property owners in East Texas and Greg Abbott's campaign donors. The truck drivers who haul them in from the Southern border and up to the local dairy farms are resident CDL operators, living in the friendly Ol' Piney Woods.  This isn't "human trafficking;" it is cheap seasonal labor facilitated by both Republicans and Democrats. 

"We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas..."

In April, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state police to inspect every commercial vehicle entering Texas through a port of entry. To immigration experts, Abbott's mandatory commercial vehicle inspection had little to no effect on the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into Texas. 

Despite Abbott's attempted immigration security measures, earlier this week and 200 miles from the border in San Antonio, 53 undocumented workers perished in a tractor trailer that made its way from Mexico on Interstate 35 through multiple federal immigration checkpoints. No inspection was performed on the rig or it's cargo contents.

Before the vigil candles were lit, Governor Abbott hopped on Twitter to blame Joe Biden's open border policies, despite several of President Trump's immigration protocols including Title 42 still being in effect. (Source: Greg Abbott blames Joe Biden for migrant deaths, but the governor’s own border security efforts have fallen short KHOU)

One of the smugglers is Palestine, TX resident Christian Martinez. Martinez and 3 other migrant couriers were arrested and held on federal detainers Monday, June 27, 2022. (Source: Mugshot released for man arrested in Palestine, charged in connection to San Antonio smuggling incident KETK) These drivers aren't paid by coyotes or Mexican drug cartels to bring illegal aliens to their destinations. They are long haul truck drivers working for the lumber companies and Walmart distributors in East Texas. They are compensated by the chicken processing plants and cattle ranchers who line the pockets of those in Austin. They are also paid by the illegal aliens themselves for the transport. Their big rigs and semitrailers aren't checked by busy immigration authorities.

18-wheeler owner operator Christian Martinez lives in Palestine, TX (courtesy Henderson County)

Law enforcement doesn't question the employers of deported illegal aliens who return to East Texas for work, even after they kill children. Local media misspells their names, buries their criminal histories, and most certainly never publish the names of those who hire and house them. (They also don't report or withhold income taxes but that's a subject for another topic.)

Gustavo Gonzalez murdered his 10-year cousin in Bullard, TX.

A previously deported illegal alien has pleaded guilty to strangling and drowning his ten-year-old cousin after attempting to sexually assault her in 2016 in Cherokee County, Texas. Source: (REPORT: East Texas Child Murdered by Previously Deported Illegal Alien, Breitbart)

Until Chamber of Commerce Republicans begin to arrest, shut down, and fine their donors who hire illegal aliens for cheap labor, tragedies such as these will continue. Who are we going to replace them with? Open border communist psychopaths like Beto O'Rourke? Governor Abbott will surely appoint some inbred crony to look into the immigration matter while Texans remain held hostage. Talk of actual immigration enforcement is just lip service from career politicians.

It's easier to play both sides of the border fence.

As a footnote, both drivers have been indicted in the Western District Federal Court for the deaths of 53 smuggled illegal aliens. (Source: DOJ) Governor Abbott continues to bus detained illegal aliens deeper into the United States, preferably to Democrat controlled safe havens, where they can register to vote and swing Presidential elections. Authorities and media claim Christian Martinez of Palestine, TX is illiterate; however he isn't too incompetent to help drive big rigs through federal checkpoints with 50 + illegal stowaways. 

On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, the federal court in San Antonio declared during a detention hearing that Christian Martinez would be detained pending his trial. Previously reported as "too incompetent to stand trial," text messages revealed Martinez was responsible for the transnational truck loading manifest that evaded immigration inspection. (Source: KETKA federal judge denied bond for the 800lbs. truck driver, who is not a flight risk, though he could get stuck in the bathroom. The McDonald's in Palestine, TX are safe for now.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Life sentence for Rusk, TX child molester the media reported as living in Carrollton, TX


Rusk, TX:

When Cherokee County child molesters are known by arresting agencies, their identities and residencies are lied about to news outlets. They lie about where the sex offender is employed, especially if the offender works at the County Jail and is petitioning the District Court for early supervised release. They can even get a County Judge to forge the name of the District Judge (by permission) on the sex offense release orders of a school nurse moonlighting at the jailhouse.

(Source:  From School Nurse to Sex Offender, Jan 12, 2010 KLTV)

Rebecca Blankinship has gone from school nurse to convicted sex offender. She pleaded guilty in 2010 to sexually assaulting a 14 year-old female Rusk ISD student. The assault happened in 2009 while Blankinship was employed at Rusk ISD. Her sex offense probation was illegally scrubbed in 2013 by County Judge Craig Fletcher who did not consult prosecutors. 

Officials don’t deny the District Judge's signature on Rebecca Blankinship's sex offense release order was written by former county court-at-law judge Craig Fletcher, even though BY LAW sex offense registry is for life and mandatory probation lengths are stipulated in the Texas Penal Code. (Source: Jacksonville Progress, Dec. 19, 2013)

Can't have a sex offender checking on the well-being of the other sex offenders in jail, unless of course it's the County Probation Department.

Carl Phillips, head of Cherokee County Probation Dept.

In 2019, Carl Phillips was sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to the continuous sexual abuse of a child and to two probation revocation cases involving stealing from the county. Despite heading the Cherokee County Probation Department for over 35 years and being the longest serving Cherokee County employee on record, Phillips was simply referred to as "a man from Jacksonville" by Cherokee County newspapers. (Source: Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months, KETK)

"Cherokee County sex offender gets life in prison...but he doesn't live here...."

John Wesley Allen Jr., 57, is a longtime Cherokee County, TX resident according to his Voter Registration. He has been living at the end of the dirt road on DECHARD ST in RUSK, TEXAS since 2010. Allen was arrested in 2020 for the ongoing sex assault of a Rusk, TX child, when it was falsely reported he lived in the DFW area. Allen sat in the Cherokee County jail on $1 million bond for the last couple years; and was recently convicted in the 369th Judicial District Court and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. He did not accept a more lenient plea deal. (Source: Cherokee County man sentenced to life in prison for abuse of child, KETK) Some East Texas reported the Big Fat Lie in the 369th District Court's post trial brief that John Wesley Allen, Jr. lived in Carrollton, TX and not in Cherokee County. Is this really a case of some out-of-town child molester preying on kids in Rusk, TX and not a local predator endemic to the area?

They just want you to feel vested in your little community, and repeat the lies with them.

John Wesley Allen Jr., somebody's neighbor, friend, and co-worker

No, this John Wesley Allen Jr. has lived and worked in Rusk, TX for decades where, according to trial testimony, he molested a child for years beginning when the kid was 6 years old. Allen did not drive back and forth from the Dallas area to continually molest the kids in his trailer park. He lives in Rusk because it is a haven for pedophiles who get summoned for jury duty. They can even get their criminal histories illegally expunged by the District and County Judges for what they consider "good behavior," i.e. working at the County Jail and pretending they have an official jury summons. Why do they go out of their way to get the media to lie about where John Allen, Jr. lived while he molested kids in Rusk? Because they know him and worked with him for decades, just like they worked side-by-side "a man from Jacksonville" Carl Phillips for over 35 years. (Source: Jacksonville man sentenced to 50 years in prison for continuous child sexual abuse, CBS19) A Jacksonville man who only worked 35 years for Cherokee County as their longest serving and top Criminal Justice employee.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Former New Summerfield HS counselor charged with theft from local nonprofit


Nonprofit Embezzlement 101: who controls the money, steals the money.

Bullard, TX:

Unaccounted donations (not subject to federal income taxes) floating around are just too tempting for even licensed educators with Master's Degrees. 46-year old academic advisor Misty Kathleen Adair was recently booked and released on $60K bond for stealing from the Youth For Agriculture Buyers Group. Adair is the volunteer account manager of the local 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides grants and scholarships to high school students studying farm management. Her charges include theft of property and misappropriation of funds from the organization, both State felonies. (Source: KETK)  Adair has worked with several East Texas school districts at the upper echelon for the last 20 years, including as New Summerfield ISD's head counselor and sponsor for the district's Honor Society volunteer fund raisers. (Source: Daily Progress)  As predictable as the sun rising in the morning, Cherokee County news outlets neglect to report Misty Adair's arrest and incarceration in neighboring Smith County, despite her employment at New Summerfield ISD. The Jacksonville Daily Progress reports all her school fund raisers, but not when she gets arrested for stealing. In fact, they try to scrub her employment history. What happens in a small town, stays in a small town, unless of course the crime occurs across the county line. 

 As a footnote, Misty Adair was arrested again by Henderson County authorities and booked in Smith County jail on June 17, 2022 for allegedly stealing from a second separate nonprofit organization. (Source: Bullard woman accused of theft, misapplying funds for a second organization, KETK)

Monday, April 11, 2022

Aliases and Algorithms hide county sex offenders and parolees

Rusk, TX: 

Cherokee County would like to thank the DPS and other agencies in helping them corner and kill a strung out parolee they released 6 weeks earlier for the same domestic violence / kidnapping charges he was arrested for the last half a dozen times he's been in their custody.

Scott Anson Coe (deceased). Why do parole violators get released in Cherokee County after multiple violent crimes?

On the weekend of April 9, 2022, a hostage situation developed AGAIN in Rusk, TX involving another whacked out career criminal, his ex-wife, and another female victim held against her will. SWAT and neighboring police negotiating teams were deployed, and roads were closed for over 48 hours. The suspect Scott Anson Coe eventually released his hostages and killed himself in the wee morning hours; the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, intervening agencies, and local media did not immediately identify the deceased suspect who made national news barricading himself inside a mobile home. Their relationship to the paroled kidnapper and his bail release history hits too close to home.

Cherokee County authorities don't release names of dead suspects until next of kin are notified, when authorities are the next of kin.

Another taxpayer funded crack binge gone sour.

Scott Anson Coe, 44 has been in and out of Cherokee County jail multiple times, most recently in February 2022 for aggravated kidnapping bodily injury (Source: Jacksonville Progress March 6, 2022). Previous charges over the last two years alone in Cherokee County include aggravated assault / family violence on 4 occasions, KIDNAPPING, possession of marijuana; and parole violations in Smith County.  The Texas Rangers have been called to investigate the parolee's suicide-by-cop during the standoff; details have not been released. Coe's criminal background has also not been released. His catch-and-release incarceration spanning over 20 years throughout East Texas includes forgery, burglary, assault, evading arrest, and theft. Scott Coe was out on bond for kidnapping for the umpteenth time, when he kidnapped again.

"We don't know why this crack head goes on kidnapping sprees after every time we release him for kidnapping and beating up his ex-girlfriends....we just can't figure it out..."

In January 2022 this year, Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth reduced possession of marijuana charges from 2019 against Scott Coe to a Class C Misdemeanor "Health and Safety Violation" despite the following concurrent arrests.

Scott Anson Coe was arrested in Cherokee County, TX for:

3/30/2020 - AGG KIDNAPPING BODILY INJURY ( Bond: $25000 )

3/31/2020 - AGG ASSAULT FAMILY VIOLENCE (Bond: $25000 )









The fifth time's the charm. 

When violent child molesters and parolees on the county dole are arrested, reporting agencies misspell their names and bury their sex offender registrations.  Rusk resident and lifetime sex offender registrant Juston Eric Shaw was charged in February 2022 for resisting arrest and attacking police officers, then released on bail. (Source: Jacksonville Progress) The Cherokee County District Attorney's office loves their friendly neighborhood sex offenders racking up charges to the point they start killing people. Small town prosecutors need an easy murder quota to look like big shots in local newspapers. Why not use and discard their favorite drug snitch?

Juston Eric Shaw, sex offender out on bail after police scuffle.

UT Health Jacksonville ER physician Karl Kauffman from Troup, TX was identified as a random "East Texas doctor" after being busted for continually sexually abusing a child in Cherokee County. His credentials and history were immediately scrubbed from local hospital websites. Dr. Kauffman worked only in Jacksonville, TX and is the county's only on-call emergency room surgeon.  News articles of his arrest were post-dated to keep his under age sex crimes with his next of kin off the front page. Family Child Protective Services have intervened.

The public was not made aware of Dr. Kauffman's child molestation arrest until a week after his incarceration, buried in East Texas news archives.

Kauffman's professional license is currently suspended following his arrest according to the Texas Medical Board. (Source: KETK) The UT Health Center in Jacksonville, TX has since scrubbed Dr. Kauffman's employment, as has every other East Texas medical facility he was affiliated with, including the Nacogdoches Medical Center and Woodland Heights Medical Center in Lufkin. UT Health Tyler vehemently denies Dr. Kauffman was employed with their hospital "at the time of his arrest," according to their spokesman. (Source: Tyler Paper)

Karl F. Kauffman, MD, 51, Troup TX works in Cherokee County and neighboring hospitals.

When pedophiles are called for jury duty, does Elmer Beckworth make them sit in the hallway when their own child molestation charges come up, or do they stay put during deliberations? Cherokee County judges don't disqualify sex offenders, and the Tyler Court of Appeals rubber stamps it, so how does that work exactly? Do they flip a coin for who goes grab some snacks? The one who brings the best Girl Scout cookies gets No-Billed? Do they just wander around the Rusk courthouse until the DA investigator gives them a ride home at the end of the day?

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Catch and Release sex offender kidnaps local man during drug binge


Timothy Andrew Gorko (Courtesy DPS)

Another strung out sex offender with nothing to lose, another slap on the wrist; another illegal gun, another local victim. Another drug dealer in and out of jail to snitch on his buddies; another day in Cherokee County, Texas. 

This isn't the first time Timothy Gorko has been arrested in Cherokee County for being a paroled felon with a gun. Gorko, age 37, has been living in Rusk, Texas for the last 10 years under Cherokee County sex offender supervision from a 2008 statutory rape conviction in Pennsylvania. He was charged last month in Montgomery County, Texas for dealing crystal meth in the Conroe area. Takes a lot of tobacco spit to keep up with this guy.

How does a paroled sex offender with multiple drug charges get released on bail?

Timothy Gorko, arrested 11/09/21 for Possession with Intent to deliver a controlled substance (Courtesy Montgomery County).

Meanwhile, back at the crack house in Rusk, TX:

One month later on Monday 12/13/2021, the Cherokee County Sheriff Department was alerted Tim Gorko had shot at his girlfriend and another person during a domestic dispute. Before deputies arrived, Gorko forced one of his neighbors at gunpoint to drive him to Lufkin to evade arrest. After a high speed chase, he was apprehended by the Highway Patrol. Gorko was shot in the neck during the traffic stop and taken back to Rusk; the hostage driving the car was shaken but unharmed. Timothy Gorko is charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, evading arrest, and of course, delivery of a controlled substance called crystal meth. (Source: KETK)

Cherokee County hides the identity of local sex offenders.

Police released the body cam footage of the incident, however Cherokee County and local media did not release Timothy Gorko's extensive CRIMINAL HISTORY and SEX OFFENSE status. Gorko is a Lifetime Sex Offender. His supervision by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office began in 2012. He was officially released from parole in 2016 while he was actually incarcerated for violating his parole. Gorko was out on bond during this latest hostage standoff. Because he is a sex offender with a gun and multiple arrests, this story has dropped off the East Texas news boards. 


Sweet deals keep a comin' for violent sex offenders.

Timothy Gorko was on parole when he moved to East Texas. After settling into his new digs in Cherokee County, Gorko was arrested in 2015 for absconding his sex offender registration and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. He pleaded no contest, sentenced to 2 years TDCJ, and released in 2018. (Source: Jacksonville Progress, "3 arrested during sex offender compliance check" Dec 11, 2015)

Timothy Gorko at age 31 circa 2015

Cherokee County Criminal Docket Case 19988
Filed 03/28/2016 - Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Felon
Disposition: 05/03/2016 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury

Anyone with two working brain cells knows this drug addict was constantly being monitored and his meth connections surveilled. 

Gorko has been in and out of Cherokee County custody for drug possession and parole violations, making him the perfect Jail House snitch, until something goes wrong. And it usually does when drugs are involved. (Source: Jacksonville Progress, March 12, 2016) The District Clerk will have to strike Timothy Gorko's name from the next jury pool headed to the courthouse basement.

The criminal justice system in Cherokee County Texas is there only to enrich the District Attorney, a small group of lawyers on the Rusk square, and a handful of people running the place into the ground. Law enforcement still operates in the lazy 1970's, while their drug informants on the dole are getting more violent and more dangerous to the public. State Senators and Representatives, the FBI, and Texas Rangers all look the other way while those at the top of county government like Carl Phillips steal money and molest children for decades.

(Source: Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months, KETK)

Crystal meth dealers and out of state sex offenders pour into the area because they know if they cooperate with authorities, they'll be part of the clique. 

In 2020, father and son Theodore Smith and James Smith moved from California to Cherokee County, TX because it is a safe haven for child molesters. They knew convicted pedophiles are called for jury duty and the District Judge's signature was forged to release sex offenders. They thought if they ever got caught, they'd be in good company with the former head of the Cherokee County Probation Department who filmed and raped children.  In October 2021, the two were arrested in their Alto, TX  home after Sacramento law enforcement made a discovery on their California property of a horde of child pornography dating back decades. Theodore Smith was extradited back to California, charged with 34 counts of lewd acts with a child and his bond set at $7 million.

Two men arrested in Texas in connection with California child sexual assault case

Theodore Smith, 86, and his son James Smith, 62, who live in Alto, Texas, were arrested and are in custody awaiting extradition to California for their alleged involvement in the sexual assault of children, according to a news release.

The case leading to the arrests emerged in mid-March, when a Sacramento County resident who was renovating a recently purchased home discovered hundreds of images containing child pornography and children involved in sex acts, according to the news release.

Detectives who inspected the images believed the pictures were taken between 1985 and 1995 and were left behind by the previous residents of the home, who had moved to Texas the year prior.

On Wednesday, sheriff’s detectives assisted by two Texas sheriff’s offices and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security served a search warrant at a home in Cherokee County, Texas. After that, arrest warrants were issued for the two men. The elder Smith was arrested at home in Alto while his son was arrested while on a trip back to California, according to the news release. (Source: Sacramento Bee, Oct. 15, 2021)


Saturday, August 28, 2021

County Judge's assistant arrested for 3rd Degree Felony Tampering with Government Records and making false statements













Peggy Cornelius, Notary Public

County Judge's office used in Power of Attorney scheme.

Texas Penal Code § 37.10 - Tampering With Governmental Record (a) A person commits an offense if he or she: (1) knowingly makes a false entry in, or false alteration of, a governmental record; (2) makes, presents, or uses any record, document, or thing with knowledge of its falsity and with intent that it be taken as genuine. 

Rusk, TX:

County Judge Chris Davis' secretary and personal assistant has been busted for doing what long term county employees do best within their culture of corruption. Peggy Cornelius has worked in Cherokee County government since 1993 as Chris Davis' handpicked administrator, running Commissioner's Court agenda, and as the county's software custodian. Their friends and family in the County Clerk's office run Cherokee County's election system. Cornelius received her 25 year service award in 2019, even though courthouse officials are gearing up to pretend they never saw her before. Kinfolk use their heir apparent position to help themselves to taxpayer funds, like they've been doing for the last 30 plus years. Cornelius just got caught in her old age.  Charges include tampering with government records, i.e. notarizing a fake Power of Attorney, and lying about it to arresting officers. 




Sec. 32.01.  "Financial institution" means a bank, trust company, insurance company, credit union, building and loan association, savings and loan association, investment trust, investment company, or any other organization held out to the public as a place for deposit of funds or medium of savings or collective investment.

It's not "county business;" it's just a County Auditor using the seal of the County Judge's office to steal someone's property. There's a victim in this case... of bank fraud inside the county... who lives in the county... and whose property is in the county... but it's not "county business."

Peggy Cornelius and another county employee have been under investigation beginning last month according to Sheriff Dickson, after a bank in Jacksonville, TX reported a fraudulent Power of Attorney. Cornelius has been released from Cherokee County jail on $5000 bond along with her co-conspirator in the County Auditor's office. Chris Davis and local media are keeping mum on her arrest. We will update if and when facts are (rarely) reported by outside news agencies. No word from the victim yet, either.

County business as usual.

Cherokee County Commissioners hold regular session 3 days before Court Coordinator Peggy Cornelius posts bond (Aug. 28, 2021 Jacksonville Progress)

After approving next years' budget, Cherokee County Commissioner's Court has other public meetings slated regarding proposed tax rates. Expect these to be closed to the public for the next few weeks while Commissioner's Court goes into damage control.

The case is "ongoing" meaning the nepotism and lying never ends.

Cherokee County employees present to receive their years of service award during the July 9 Commissioner’s Court meeting were, in no particular order, Jennifer Crowley, Judia Husband, Kelly Ray, Marceia Hamilton, Jonathan Hughes, Pam White, Peggy Cornelius and Chris Davis. Also pictured are county commissioners Kelly Traylor, Pct. 1; Steven Norton, Pct. 2; Pactrick Reagan, Pct. 3 and Byron Underwood, Pct. 4.

Cherokee County employees present to receive their years of service award during the July 9 Commissioner’s Court meeting were, in no particular order, Jennifer Crowley, Judia Husband, Kelly Ray, Marceia Hamilton, Jonathan Hughes, Pam White, Peggy Cornelius and Chris Davis. Also pictured are county commissioners Kelly Traylor, Pct. 1; Steven Norton, Pct. 2; Patrick Reagan, Pct. 3 and Byron Underwood, Pct. 4. (Cherokeean July 11, 2018)

Who is paid to alter county data reporting for property tax purposes?


Underlings forged District Judge Bascom Bentley's signature on court documents, so what's wrong with a little fake Power of Attorney to defraud the elderly out of their property?

Cherokee County courthouse employees have access to personal emails, business calls, and first dibs on taxpayer money. Commissioners and those in the family clique enjoy county bulldozers maintaining their private properties, along with yard care provided by probationers. Sex offenders on good behavior are carpooled in for Jury Duty, then dropped off at elementary schools or the local golf course to help clean up the grounds. It's par for the course.

Community Services Director Carl Phillips oversaw 30 years of probated Cherokee County, TX sex offenders. (Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months, KETK)

Cherokee County newspapers don't report the crimes committed by their families and friends.

In another all time low in Cherokee County reporting, questions remain if Peggy Cornelius is on permanent leave with full State retirement benefits, or will she continue to notarize county business while out on Felony bond. This will be the first courthouse retirement party in 100 years not advertised in the local newspapers.

As a footnote, Peggy Cornelius relinquished her State of Texas Notary Public seal on the day of her arrest August 27, 2021, and Cherokee County is quietly advertising job openings for her and her co-conspirator's positions.

Peggy Cornelius certifies Cherokee County's annual budget.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Absconding sex offender and probated burglars arrested for quadruple murder - When drug informants kill Part 1

Fugitive sex offenders are released on bond when caught in Cherokee County, TX.

Cherokee County, TX is where absconding sex offenders throughout the state can call home. Thieves and drug addicts can make sweet deals with District Attorney Elmer Beckworth and can count on their criminal histories being buried by the local media when they go on murdering sprees. Even after the same news outlets reports their previous arrests and releases just weeks prior.

Local sex offenders serve on juries as insurance to keep district court cases from being overturned. If the 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler, TX allows child molesters to sit on a jury, then so does the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Attorney General. They also use them to snitch on local drug dealers.

Billy Dean Phillips (Source: DPS)

Billy Phillips, age 37 was arrested earlier this month in Jacksonville, TX for FAILING TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER. Phillips is supposed to be under supervision in Dallas County for the molestation of a 13-year old girl. He was released to wander the streets of Cherokee County several weeks ago for some reason, and is now charged with killing a family of four, including mother and son in New Summerfield, TX.

Jacksonville Daily Progress: Sheriff's Arrest Report- July 4, 2021        

Billy Phillips, 37, Jacksonville, failure to comply with sex offender duty to register (Dallas Co.)            (Source: Daily Progress)

The DPS had Phillips listed as an Absconding fugitive since December 2020 when he disappeared into Cherokee County. They did not bother to retrieve him when he was arrested in Jacksonville so he could keep ratting out the local drug ring he associates with. He was not picked up and arraigned in Dallas County; they released him back in Jacksonville, TX and quietly updated his status in the Sex Offender Registry. Failure to stay registered as a sex offender is a Felony offense in Texas. Who paid for an unemployed drug addict's bond? Phillips will not be on the roll call for jury duty this month.

Jesse Pawlowski (Source: KETK)

Billy Dean Phillip's accomplice and Jacksonville, TX resident Jesse Pawlowski is currently on probation in Cherokee County for a 2019 burglary spree when he was charged again in 2020 for breaking into a vehicle in Harris County. His probation was not revoked. He is now also charged in connection of the quadruple murder in New Summerfield, TX after stealing the victim's car.

2017 Dodge Challenger (Source: Daily Progress

Being a drug snitch for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department has paid off again; however a habitual thief given adjudicated probation by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth's office and the 2nd Judicial District court has led to the murder of four residents. They'll claim they're just keeping the county safe.

During press conferences and interviews, Cherokee County Sheriff Brent Dickson plays coy as to the criminal history of the three suspects knowing that one of them (Billy Phillips) was released from his custody just 2 weeks ago for absconding Sex Offense registration. The other ones are well acquainted with CCSO "Narcotics" officers. No anonymous tip was needed to locate and apprehend them. They were found at the local drug den RV Park where they're paid to snitch on each other.

Mark your calendars: the Cherokee County District Attorney's office will blame the Texas Constitution and Penal Code for a fugitive sex offender they released and two of his drug buddies  killing 4 people.

New Summerfield, TX:

Three career criminals in Jacksonville, TX have been arrested and charged with the capital murder of four residents in nearby New Summerfield, TX. The bodies of John Clinton, Jeff Gerla, Ami Hickey, and Amanda Barnes were found in a home in the 1600 block of Hwy 101 N. (Source: CBS 19) The three arrestees have avoided prosecution by agreeing to be confidential informants for law enforcement. All three have been arrested and released for similar crimes in the last few years, despite being on Supervised Probation.

Left to Right : Jesse James Pawlowski age 20, Dylan Welch age 21, and Billy Phillips age 37 (Source: KLTV)

Jesse Pawlowski is on concurrent deferred adjudicated probation for multiple counts of breaking into homes, as reported in the Jacksonville Daily Progress in October 2019; he was 18 at the time of the plea bargaining. (Source: Daily Progress

Criminal Docket; Case 21314 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 11/22/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 21317 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 12/19/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 21318 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 12/19/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Jesse Pawlowski also has an open Burglary of a Vehicle charge in Harris County, TX; his probation in Cherokee County was not revoked.

Harris County, TX Case ID: 232559401010, Burglary of a Vehicle filed 9/14/2020.

As stated earlier, authorities made the decision to let Billy Dean Phillips stay in Cherokee County, TX after Dallas County executed an arrest warrant, so he could keep on doing what he was doing.

The 3rd suspect, Dylan Welch of Jacksonville, TX, has past Burglary charges reduced to Criminal Trespass (KETK).

Footnote: As the story updates, KETK reports the criminal histories of each of the three suspects in the New Summerfield quadruple murder. Billy Dean Phillips is an unregistered sex offender from the Dallas area; Jesse Pawlowski has multiple burglary and drug arrests in Cherokee County and elsewhere; as does Dylan Welch. Each has had their bonds set at $1 million. (Source: KETK, Here are the criminal histories for the 3 quadruple murder suspects)