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Jacksonville's McCown charged for sex with student; JHS football player convicted for 2020 murder; assistant coach busted for sex assault of JHS student; Sex Ed in Alto

Parental choice is a threat to those who want their hands on your kids.

Athens ISD awards Robert Nichols (Jacksonville) for voting against school choice while their teachers have sex with pupils. (Source: KETK)

Jacksonville's Robert Nichols is against parents choosing where their kids go to school, while the children of his Colony Ridge donors attend high-end private schools. Senator Nichols claims he is defending public education by opposing school choice. He says there is "no transparency" in school vouchers and "no accountability" in private schools, while his hometown hides sex offenders working for the school districts. Nichols gets to have it both ways when area 'Christian' private schools sing his praises for voting to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton. Because Paxton investigated their shady Colony Ridge land deals that allow tens of thousands of illegals to flood your school districts - without contributing to the tax base. The actual reporting of school employees having sex with minors is quelled to protect the teachers associations lining everyone's pockets. Meanwhile, teachers are screwing their students at record levels. The penalty in Robert Nichols' district is merely losing their teacher's license.

Athens ISD teacher arrested for sexting student, sentenced to 1 year probation for deleting her social media. (Source: KETK)

Even though school choice promotes academic excellence through competition in both public and private institutions, Robert Nichols wants your kids dumbed down through GOV-ED and at the mercy of the local perverts. They don't care when little girls get their throats cut by illegal aliens or a highschooler dies from fentanyl thanks to the Colony Ridge cartels. Those claiming to be "conservative Christian Republicans" give themselves awards when school children are molested. And the local news runs with the horseshit and buries the rest.

The apples don't fall far the tree.

Former Jacksonville HS quarterback Andrew Carter McCown, of the McCown brothers' NFL fame and now a high school teacher in the San Antonio area, was arraigned in April 2024 after an improper relationship with a 17-year old female student. (San Antonio teacher, coach charged with improper student relationship, My SA News) Carter McCown was arrested in 2022 on DWI and gun charges, when local media immediately began referring to him as Andrew McCown.

Jacksonville high school football fans remember him as Carter McCown and hope you do, too. In March 2024, the North East Independent School District contacted the San Antonio PD about McCown's ongoing relationship with an underage student.

“The suspect did not want to cooperate with the investigation," said Sgt. Moscoso.

NEISD released a statement on the incident, emphasizing that McCown has not been on campus since the investigation began.

"Andrew McCown was hired at Roosevelt High School in the fall of this school year. In March, several students reported that he was having a relationship with a 17-year-old student. NEISD began an investigation and placed McCown on leave. He has not been back on campus since March 8," said NEISD. (Source: News 4 SA)

Police are checking with other school districts for similar incidents. McCown's hometown connections failed to acknowledge the arresting officers' press conference. The latest football hero antics didn't make it to the local sports column since it involved scoring with an underage girl. Sexual battery and corruption of a minor isn't newsworthy in Cherokee County, Texas.

Brandon Matthew Branton (Courtesy CCSO)

On April 24, 2024, former Jacksonville HS varsity player Brandon Branton was given a life sentence for the stabbing death of hitchhiker Randy Davenport back in 2020 (Jacksonville man gets life for 2020 stabbing death, KLTV).  After graduation and nearly a decade of football heroics published in local newspapers, Number 55 had been convicted and released on multiple felony charges, including drug possession, firearm theft, and credit card abuse. Branton has been sitting on the Cherokee County criminal docket awaiting trial for nearly 4 years after the 2020 slaying.

 Brandon Branton circa 2014, Jacksonville Boy's Varsity

The Jacksonville ISD can only offer plausible deniability when faculty is arrested for the sex assault of a student.

In 2023, Jacksonville ISD assistant coach Kyle Kingrey was arrested for the sex assault of a Jacksonville High School student. (Source: Athletic trainer accused of relationship with Jacksonville ISD student, KLTV)  School officials' response was to deny culpability and shift blame elsewhere, even denying Kingrey had access to students on campus or that he was employed through the district. Kingrey was contracted through UT Health as a licensed trainer for the female high school athletes. He had his hands all over the student body and the Jacksonville ISD knows it.

Kyle Kingrey coached the Jacksonville High School girls' softball team, but he didn't work for the Jacksonville ISD according to school officials, and as his grand jury will be instructed.

 ...Jacksonville ISD said Kingrey wasn't employed by the district but was provided to them through an outside entity. (Source: KETK)

In November 2023 the Jacksonville ISD released the following bullshit statement:

“Jacksonville ISD is aware of the arrest of an individual who previously provided services to the District and who has not been on a JISD campus this school year. We are cooperating with local law enforcement agencies who are handling the investigation, and we have no further information to share at this time. This matter is still under the investigation of local authorities.  JISD reiterates that the health and safety of our students always remain a paramount priority for our school district and for our community as a whole.” (Source: Jacksonville ISD athletic trainer arrested for sexual assault of child, KETK)

However, as a Jacksonville ISD assistant coach, Kingrey was providing rub downs for the girls' softball players in April 2023 according to the Jacksonville Progress:

It was all Lady Panthers (and Mother Nature) in the decisive game. Conditions were so poor at one point, [Jasmine] Gallegos, the Jacksonville pitcher, was accidently [sic] hit in the face by a very slipper ball that was thrown by a teammate during between-inning warm-ups.

After receiving medical attention by Jacksonville assistant trainer Kyle Kingery [sic] during a brief stoppage in play for the weather, Gallegos, was able to get back out to the circle.

(Softball: Jacksonville's season ends following two losses to Spring Hill, April 29, 2023 - Jacksonville Progress)

JHS girls' softball coached by Kyle Kingrey circa April 2023 (Source: Daily Progress)

When Cherokee County's teachers are busted for underage sex crimes, expect a media blackout and feigned ignorance. In other parts of the State, law enforcement and school districts work together for the students' safety and teacher accountability. Responsible institutions of learning don't merely remove the name of the arrested teacher from the school website without calling a public meeting to address the issue. Legitimate news outlets don't print deliberate typos and/or bury the story when the local high school sports hero is arrested. Honorable institutions of learning don't allow school faculty to interfere in investigations and certainly never blame the child victim. 

Statutory rape rarely gets prosecuted in Cherokee County and always gets water down when it involves school staff.


Another Alto ISD coach is out on bond for allegedly screwing around with a student of unknown age under his tutelage. On Feb 9, 2024, deputies executed a search warrant on CR 2610 in Alto, where they arrested Blake Attaway on a charge of improper relationship with a student at Alto ISD, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. Attaway was booked into the Cherokee County Jail and released on Feb. 10. According to Alto ISD’s website, Attaway is a physics and chemistry teacher and a coach for Alto High School. 


The smaller the town, the smaller the crime when it comes to adults having sex with minors.

Cherokee County's fake news will do everything possible to cover up for their hometown heroes. Local media go so far as changing and misspelling their names when they get busted for illegal acts, emboldening their little darlings to commit even more crimes. They create aliases for them while simultaneously scrapping all past reporting of their former pride and joys. They run out-of-state articles of horrible things going on elsewhere courtesy of the Associated Press to pretend it's not happening in their neck of the woods. They get more upset with losing a football game than kids being molested in school. They lie about the ages of 40-year old coaches charged with having sex with minors. Official statements misrepresent where they went to school and where they work. Their State reps and senators like Robert Nichols make sure parents can't send their kids somewhere else. Why? Because Cherokee County, TX grooms sex offenders for jury duty and repeat offenders are jailhouse snitches. If sentencing them to probation wasn't bad enough, County judges violate the law to get their favorite sex offenders off community service early "on good behavior."

Cherokee County's judges forge court documents for the early release of school district employees on the sex offender registry. (Source: Fletcher's initials on document, Dec. 19, 2013 Jacksonville Progress)


RUSK, TX (KLTV Jan. 12, 2010) - Rebecca Blankinship has gone from school nurse to convicted sex offender. She pled guilty to sexually assaulting a Rusk ISD student. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Grapeland coach hired after child porn arrest


Joshua Jeremaine Kincade, 44, of Neches, was arrested on April 9 for showing porn to Junior High students (courtesy KTRE).

Houston County, TX:

Two female students filed a complaint with the Grapeland ISD back in Feb. alleging Coach Joshua Kincade displayed a naked man on his cellphone during theater class. They were approached again by Kincade and told not to tell anyone. For fear of reprisal, the students did not report the incident to school administrators until Kincade's dismissal for a separate cause.  A warrant for Kincade's arrest was obtain March 26 and he was booked on a $10,000 bond for displaying harmful material to a minor. Not so ironically 10 years ago, Joshua Kincade’s home was raided on previous child porn charges.

"Mr. Kincade was not employed with Grapeland ISD after he was terminated from Grapeland ISD... " - Grapeland ISD

In typical guilty East Texas double-speak, Grapeland ISD superintendent David Maass stated, “Mr. Kinkade [sic] was not employed with the District when the allegations leading to the current criminal charges were discovered…”  (Source: Former Grapeland ISD employee arrested over inappropriate photo, KTRE)

DUH…but Coach KINCADE was employed with the school district when he allegedly showed his students the explicit photos on his phone DURING CLASS. And Mr. Kincade was hired by the Grapeland ISD even though he had be charged in neighboring Anderson County with possession of child pornography back in 2013. Of course East Texas media pretends to not make the connection to what they previously reported, either.

Joshua Kincade, circa 2013 courtesy Anderson Co.

Neches ISD board member arrested for possession of child pornography, Palestine Herald- Press, June 7, 2013 

A Neches Independent School District board member remained in the Anderson County Jail Thursday after being arrested for possession of child pornography by Anderson County investigators.

According to Sheriff Greg Taylor, officers obtained an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Joshua Jeremaine Kincade late Wednesday, as well as a search warrant for his residence on FM 2267.

“We arrested him this morning and did a search on the residence today,” Taylor said Thursday. “We were able to obtain some evidence during the search.

“We seized a lot of electronic items that will be sent to the lab for evaluation.”

According to the sheriff, investigators were led to Kincade while looking into another case.

“He was in possession of a photograph of a 14-year-old female — on his smart phone,” Taylor said. “This is a serious crime and we will continue to investigate it.”

Kincade is charged with possession of child pornography and remained in jail on a $15,000 bond. Further charges are possible for the suspect, pending results of lab evaluations.

“We will have to wait and see,” Taylor said.

349th State District Judge Pam Foster Fletcher signed the warrants for the suspect’s arrest and search of his residence. ACSO’s Ryan Tolliver is the lead investigator on the case.

According to Herald-Press records, Kincade was elected to the Neches ISD school board in November 2012.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Governor Abbott snubs area State Rep, Appraisal District drops Cherokee County in official name

Travis Clardy is against school choice and sends his own kids to private school. (Courtesy: KETK)

According to Greg Abbott's recent cease and desist letter, Texas House Rep. Travis Clardy (District 11) is falsely claiming the governor endorses him for re-election. Clardy has been sent to Austin for over a decade while drugs, crime, poverty, and illegal aliens have taken over his District. His counties include Nacogdoches, Shelby, Rusk, Newton, Sabine, and Panola. He represented Cherokee County through last year's redistricting (Source: Ballotpedia). 

Texas House District 11 would lose Cherokee County and pick up new territory to the east under a draft proposal being considered in the Texas Legislature. “I have been so proud to get to know and represent the folks of Cherokee County,” Clardy said in a video address to constituents Friday. (Source:  Oct. 5, 2021 Daily Sentinel)

Cherokee County has no Democrat Primary this March and all Republican incumbent candidates are unchallenged, even their Precinct 4 Constable currently under indictment (Source: Grand jury indicts Cherokee County constable on assault charge, KLTV) Hence zero reporting of local uncontested elections to keep potential rivals at bay. They can pretend to just sweep into office.

In neighboring Nacogdoches County, Travis Clardy faces Republican challenger Joanne Shofner. Shofner and Clardy both reside in Nacogdoches; she gets endorsements from Greg Abbott, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and numerous conservative organizations. Travis Clardy is endorsed by the teachers union pushing Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ crap. Clardy has also used snippets of Governor Abbott’s past feigned praise during his campaign, resulting in a Cease and Desist’ threat directly from the governor’s office. Abbott makes it perfectly clear that he does not endorse Travis Clardy’s reelection. This election is not all about school choice vouchers, even with inappropriate teacher-student relationships on the rise in East Texas. It's about the backstabbing bullshit going on in the Texas House of Representatives, i.e. the RINO-orchestrated coup to oust the duly elected Attorney General.

AG Ken Paxton's sham impeachment trial will have political consequences for years.

Many a Republican legislator will be dumbfounded when they are not endorsed for trying to remove  Ken Paxton on made up allegations. They claim to be "tough on the border" while at the same their colleagues are creating land deals for illegal alien settlements like Colony Ridge in Liberty County. Whether a poison pill or an actual attempt at controlling the Southern border, Governor Abbott has publicly drawn the line on illegal immigration and its effect on Texas communities. (Source: KETK, Feb 1, 2024)

"Nichols and Bailes made Colony Ridge possible"- Ken Paxton

 In an open letter to the governor, Attorney General Paxton points out that two Republican legislators representing Liberty County, State Senator Robert Nichols out of Jacksonville (SD 3) and State Rep. Ernest Bailes (HD 18), sponsored legislation in 2017 to create a self-governing Municipal Management District for Colony Ridge. This backroom deal was designed to enrich the developers and themselves at the expense of their own constituents. Nichols' and Bailes' hidden consent agenda legislation did not fall under the Texas Open Meetings Act, and did not have deliberations or a vote. 


"Colony Ridge is a huge problem... that's why we helped create it," say political ads for Ernest Bailes while Robert Nichols waits out his term.

Welcome to Colony Ridge, USA, courtesy the Republican Party of Texas

East Texas’ state and congressional representative districts have been gerrymandered for decades with little to no input thanks to the political ignorance and indifference of locals. Cherokee County was in Texas House District 11 in 2023 before being paired up with Anderson County in District 8 will little to no fanfare. Small town newspapers wait until the last minute to publish the roster of primary candidates and challengers. Cherokee County papers didn't bother to mention their handpicked shoo-ins for 2023. They don't want folks to know what's going on. Residents don’t know who they are voting for, where to vote, or what’s on the ballot. Voting sites are operated by partisan poll workers related to county clerks. Ballot boxes are taken home, left in car trunks, and go missing. Counting continues in secret long after polling places close. In between elections, the area is deliberately flooded with drugs and crime for local politicians to promise to fight. Local media perpetuate the lie of Republicans' chosen “conservative” contenders fighting for Christian values in Austin while they are all openly involved in shady land deals like Colony Ridge.

The federal government doesn't crack down until undocumented migrants are foreclosed on.

Homegrown East Texan Republicans are getting rich on anti-American real estate deals. Their scheme is to offer housing to the millions upon millions of illegal border crossers already living in Texas. To be anointed, State reps and senators stay mum on the growing illegal populations in their home districts. State senator Robert Nichols has never said a word publicly about how he set up the legal framework for Colony Ridge's deceptive financing. No mention of the exploding East Texas crystal meth epidemic or the thousand percent increase in crime moving in next door. Pseudo-conservatives claim to be “tough on the border,” while voting to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton for suing the Biden administration over the illegal alien invasion. They attend abortion rallies in Austin and pro-Life churches back home. Like Jacksonville's Robert Nichols, they're for paid maternity leave and pro-abortion at the same time. If their backroom legislation ever gets reported, their hometown newspapers sing their praises for screwing over their constituents. They just call it something else to fool everyone.

Cherokee County's Appraisal District has given themselves a makeover by dropping their perceived affiliation with the Cherokee County Tax Assessor Collector's office and changing their name. Not to be confused with the thieves in the Cherokee County courthouse, as of 2024 CCAD will be referred to as “Cherokee Central Appraisal District.”  (Source: Jacksonville Progress, Feb. 2, 2024)

Tax Assessor Collector clerk Gina Upshaw, indicted for stealing more than $430K - CBS19

An internal audit of Cherokee County offices and departmental accounts revealed a discrepancy of $431,375.91 related to the tax office. (Source:  Audit reveals over $430,000 missing from county tax office, July 12, 2022, Daily Progress)

With $430,000 stolen out of the Cherokee County Tax Office, and the former Tax Assessor bookkeepers’ embezzlement trial coming up in April, the Cherokee County Appraisal District board has voted to remove the word “County” from their official title. Other municipal facilities and parks have also dropped the word "County" from their Cherokee County designations. They don't want to be associated with the other maniacal elitist turds running the place into the ground. Those appealing any Cherokee County Appraisal District decisions will still contend with the Review Board's allies in the District Court. 

Thou doth protest thou property taxes too much

County judges and commissioners don't pay squat for their hundred acre homesteads. Those taxpayers who reside elsewhere and use their Cherokee County property for agricultural and recreational purposes continue to pay the brunt of the county revenue that goes "missing." The Cherokee County Appraisal District board of directors have blamed farm exemptions on skyrocketing property taxes, sanctioned their appointed Chief Appraiser to undervalue commercial property in millions of dollars to be passed on as "delinquent" school taxes, cheated the City of Jacksonville out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue; and forced their Section 8 rental properties' back taxes onto rural landowners. They pretend to be ignorant on how property values are certified with the State, offering conflicting numbers on tax roll levies to hide what they're doing. The name has changed, but are things really the same?

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Local senator votes to impeach Texas AG on trumped up charges


Jacksonville's Robert Nichols joined in the sham impeachment by voting against Texas voters.

The Texas State GOP controlled both chambers of the 88th Legislature's regular session ( Jan. 10 through May 29, 2023). Instead of dealing with illegal immigration and fentanyl pouring across the open southern border, lowering property taxes; and keeping children safe in schools, a faction of alcoholic RINOs in the Texas House led by Speaker Dade Phelan (Beaumont) used the session as a coup against the duly elected Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton beat George P. Bush overwhelmingly during the 2022 primary run-offs. Boo-Hoo.


Not a single shred of evidence was presented in the 16 articles of impeachment- the same talking points created by the Bush/Rove team and picked up by the media to smear their political opponents. Democrat run newspapers continue the farce of "Paxon's legal troubles..." They even paid Paxton's other Republican challenger Louie Gohmert, who had a snowball's chance in hell becoming Texas' Attorney General, to pretend it was real. The goal is to have Joe Biden's DOJ railroad Ken Paxton out of office, opening the door for George P. & Associates, because they can't win a fair election. 

Ever wonder why nothing ever gets done in Washington DC or Austin?

The RINO class always sides against what is best for Texans. And unfortunately, factions of the Texas government along with former East Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert take their marching orders from the politically defunct members of the Bush dynasty. 


The KISS ASS Party is united undermining the conservative agenda.

Congress is a whorehouse and the Texas House of Representatives is a drunken frat house. They don't give a rat's ass about what's best for Texas and line up like lemmings for the Bush family. Jacksonville's Robert Nichols showed his loyalty by voting on the record that Paxton was guilty of make-believe crimes that could never be proven. Kelly Hancock (Fort Worth) was the other Republican State Senator to vote to remove Paxton on concocted charges.


 Looking forward to the primaries.

State Senators Nichols and Hancock voted with Democrats to remove Ken Paxton. Both these esteemed Republicans knew the hearsay they voted to impeach on was patently false, yet they did so anyway, even after voting to dismiss four of the charges. Both are up for reelection in 2026, counting on their hometown media to cover up their constituents being stabbed in the back. Paxton's innocence gives them that much more access to out-of-state lobbyists at the public trough.

Only two Republicans crossed the aisle to vote in favor of conviction: Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills, who voted to impeach Paxton on 12 articles, and Robert Nichols of Jacksonville, who voted to impeach Paxton on 11 articles. (Source: Texas Tribune, Sept. 16, 2023)

"A senate trial is something you just wouldn't understand..." 

Nichols voted Yea Jeb! on Article 5 involving a grand jury investigation conducted by a State appointed prosecutor looking into federal law enforcement's alleged misconduct. After being raided by the FBI, Paxton donor and Austin real estate investor Nate Paul claimed a cabal of area businessmen tied to George P. Bush had forced his properties into foreclosure and into a rigged federal bankruptcy court. Even though Paul had lost no money, Paxton agreed to look into it. Kelly Hancock voted for Article 8 regarding the alleged pay-offs of whistleblower complaints against the State (that were delegated to Paxton's staff and the legislature ). No witness testimony detailing wrongdoing was introduced into evidence, including a no-show of Paxton's so-called paid "mistress."

You can bet everyone in Ken Paxton's circle is being electronically monitored by the "granite countertop" police.

Whenever AG Paxton did his job, Bush loyalists accused him of a crime. Once under oath, House prosecutors' and their witness' litany of conjecture and lies crumbled under simple cross examination. House Impeachment Managers even convinced a retired Texas Ranger to make a fool out of himself on the stand, hoping to give their horseshit some gravitas. They made the whole thing up.

"Look at me... I'm not a lying piece of shit."

After millions of tax dollars wasted, the duly elected Texas Attorney General was acquitted on all 16 articles of impeachment. Primaried House Republicans who voted to have a sham trial in the senate will claim "they just needed to see the [non-existent] evidence" they were told "was overwhelming..."    Meanwhile, actual corruption and nepotism is ignored by those who owe their political careers to the dwindling influence of the Bush/Cheney clan in Crawford, TX. They invest in wide open border policies to keep the familial money flowing in their anti-American get rich schemes. Wonder where all those millions of illegal aliens crossing the border wind up?

Coming to a town near you. 

"Why Colony Ridge Should Serve As A Warning To The Rest Of The Nation" - US Rep Brian 10/5/23

Any voter wondering why their communities are overrun with crime and drugs can simply look at the shysters they put in office. Ever heard of the illegal alien haven Colony Ridge? The 50-square miles of investment real estate in Robert Nichols' southern most senatorial district he helped finagle? In 2017, Nichols squeezed in "local and uncontested" legislation to allow Colony Ridge land developers to give "owner financed" home loans to tens of thousands of illegal aliens. (Source: HB 4341, 2017) Now the Mexican drug cartels have overrun the Liberty County school districts with drugs and overwhelmed municipal services with an estimated 50,000 plus in new unvetted residents. Closer to home, Robert Nichols has the lowest conservative rating of every Republican in the Texas State Senate. 


As usual, it's all a big fat lie.

Bottom line is Robert Nichols is an uppity part-time con artist raised in East Texas good ol’ boy subterfuge. It's exciting to be part of a clandestine clique, like George Walker Bush back in the old CIA days. Nichols enjoys the back-room double-dealing as much as the shrimp cocktail dinners he attends. He is cut from the same cloth as other two-faced RINOs who take credit for all the pro-Life bills that get passed, while holding them up in committee and voting against them. He gets to fool everybody back home. And that is exactly what the idiots who put him in office want. Come election season, local newspapers will claim Senator Nichols "shares our conservative East Texas values," while in reality he routinely sides with liberal Democrats and against basic Judeo-Christian principles. The leftist Texas Tribune agrees:

At the least conservative end of the GOP ideological spectrum is a single senator, Robert Nichols of Jacksonville. Nichols has a Lib-Con Score that is significantly less conservative than those of 17 of his 18 Republican colleagues. (Analysis: The 2023 Texas Senate, from right to left, Texas Tribune- June 21, 2023)

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Local paper chums up pedophile cop


Officer Seth Vanover hauled in for catfishing kids.

A recent outdoors section of the Jacksonville Progress highlighted Longview police officer and fishing guide Seth Vanover's passion for casting off in the Lake Fork reservoir in North East Texas. The contributing feature is from Carbon TV, an online video channel for recreational outdoosrmen.  The article was published in May 2022 and picked up by local newspapers. Vanover was arrested 5 months later for using social messaging apps to entice an 11-year-old child in Florida to engage in sex. He was also busted with child porn on the cellphone he carried around in his patrol car.

This past week, I joined my long time friend guide Seth Vanover and nephew [B.P.] (retired guide) for a few hours of red hot shallow water channel catfish catching at Lake Fork. This was not my first time to partake of this annual fishing fiesta and definitely not Seth’s. Each year about this time, we set aside a morning to fish together when the fish are up in very shallow pockets, feeding on spawning shad and worms and insects washed into the lake from recent rainfall... (Source: Cats under a cork, May 12, 2022 Daily Progress)

To Catch a Predator: Kids under a cork

Lt. Seth Vanover was netted in October 2022 during an out of state FBI sting.  While local newspapers celebrated his promotion with the Longview Police Department, Vanover was chatting it up online with undercover federal agents in Florida posing as like-minded child sex predators.

[Vanover] resigned his position as a lieutenant with the Longview Police Department, used cellphones and personal computers (including hardware owned by the City of Longview) to use social media apps. While using those apps, based on chatlogs provided in the affidavit, it appears that Vanover believed he was speaking with adults who would let him perform sexual acts on their children. (Source: KSLA 12)

Vanover pleaded guilty in August 2023 and faces up to life in prison.  From the Florida State Attorney press release:

Vanover confirmed that he was “into yung” and sent the agent several photos depicting child erotica as well as a photo of a nude adult male. Vanover and the undercover agent discussed the sexual experience of the purported 11-year-old “child,” and Vanover stated that he would “love to” meet them in Florida and would “love to be naked with” the “child.” Vanover and the agent engaged in more conversations on the app on August 8 and 10, 2022, and September 19, 2022, during which the two discussed meeting in Florida so that Vanover could engage in sexual activity with the “child.” Vanover confirmed with the agent that the “child” was “open to have sex,” discussed details of the sexual acts that Vanover intended to perform on the “child,” and directed the agent to “[t]alk to [the “child”] about the intended sexual activity.”

On October 12, 2022, FBI agents arrested Vanover at the Longview Police Department and Vanover resigned on that same day. Agents searched a patrol vehicle used by Vanover and recovered a cellphone that belonged to Vanover. A review of the phone revealed that it contained at least 230 videos and 130 photos depicting the sexual abuse of children, including infants, toddlers, and young children. This phone also contained sexually explicit online written communications that Vanover had with other app users, as well as child sexual abuse videos and photos that Vanover received during some of these conversations.  (Source: United States Attorney's Office Middle District of Florida)

No comment from Vanover's superiors or East Texas authorities on how he was spending his time on duty.

The Jacksonville Progress and affiliates may not have known the "tour guide" in their May 12, 2022 edition was fishing for sex with little kids, while simultaneously showing off his own preschool son at the lake. However, they did venture out of their comfort zone to publish multiple puff pieces about a Longview police officer up in North East Texas to aggrandize him throughout the region. Each article dating back to 2016 was written for local consumption, courtesy of his best friend, a contributing outdoor sports writer in the area with ties to small town newspapers. The children's whereabouts in Vanover's personal kiddie porn collection have not been released.


 As a footnote, on Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023, Officer Seth Vanover was sentenced to 12 years and 11 months in federal prison, probated to 15-years supervision as a life-time registered sex offender. (Source: U.S. Attorney's Office, Middle District of Florida)

According to court documents obtained by the Longview News-Journal, a man, who was identified as Vanover, had conversations with two undercover FBI agents via social media that show he wanted to have sex with a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old girl. The app was also reached on devices registered to the city of Longview.

Vanover admitted to trying to persuade, induce, entice or coerce an 11-year-old girl to having sex using communication on cell phones and Internet devices. 

A conversation from July 2022 show messages from a different FBI agent and an account called "jattleson." The account "jattleson" was interested in meeting the agent's girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter. 

At one point in the messages, the agent asks how old "jattleson" is. The user says 44 and then sends a photo a nude man standing in front of a bathroom mirror, the document detailed. 

The man behind the "jattleson" account said he's always wanted to have sex with a girl. Through a subpoena, the FBI learned the contact associated with that account was Seth Vanover and the city of Longview was the subscriber, according to the complaint. 

Vanover was arrested on Oct. 12, 2022 at the Longview Police Department and he resigned the same day, On his cell phone in his patrol car, a search found 234 videos and 133 photos showing the sexual abuse of children, including infants, toddlers, and other young children, according to the Department of Justice. 

Officials also found sexually explicit online communications that Vanover had with other app users, as well as child sexual abuse videos and photos that Vanover asked for and received during some of these conversations.  (Source CBS19)


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Jacksonville meth supplier sentenced in federal court; It takes crack to crack the case

2/16/22 - Pablo Antonio Sandoval, 200 block Tilley St. Jacksonville, TX


Jacksonville, TX:

In February 2022, Pablo Sandoval was busted with crystal meth and a stolen gun during an early morning traffic stop near his home in Jacksonville, TX. He was held in Gregg County jail under a federal detainer for drug trafficking, and after pleading guilty, eventually moved to Henderson County custody to await his sentencing in US District Court.  

Cherokee County, TX arrests for Feb. 15-21, 2022:

Pablo Antonio Sandoval, 23, Jacksonville, theft of firearm, no drivers licence [sic], traffic offense Class C, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

(Source: Jacksonville Progress)

Pablo Sandoval, 200 block Tilley St., Jacksonville, TX (courtesy Henderson Co.)

Crystal meth dealers living in Cherokee County travel throughout East Texas, delivering drugs and mayhem to neighboring counties. Low income housing, cheap hotels, RV parks and converted half-way homes are used as layovers for drug mules monitored by multiple agencies. Local addicts are in and out of jail based on the amount of snitching they can provide, no matter their escalating risk to the public. Resident crackheads are worth their weight in Narcotic Task Force funding.

10 years ago, Jacksonville City Council rezoned former dormitory buildings from defunct Lon Morris College into multifamily Section 8 apartments along Sunset and Tilley St. where Pablo Sandoval lived.

After the college went into bankruptcy, owner Tilley LLC took control of the property with the intention of combining pairs of the 38 smallish dorm rooms into roughly 22 larger apartments. There are some proposed "double bedrooms" in the plans, each of which will require three dorm rooms to be put together to create, [Jacksonville Public Works Director Will] Cole said. (Source: City Council rezones so former Lon Morris dorms can be converted to apartments, Jan. 10, 2013 Jacksonville Daily Progress)

23-year old Pablo Sandoval, who was born in California, admitted to distributing large amounts of crystal meth in Cherokee County after he was detained by Jacksonville PD in February 2022. He pleaded guilty to drug trafficking last year in federal court and in April 2023, sentenced to 14 years.  (Source: KETK)

The "California man" as they call him, supplied crystal meth to his Jacksonville neighbors in October 2021, but wasn't actually incarcerated until February 2022 when he was picked up in the wee morning hours. Apparently he just rode around town for 4 months without a driver's license... even though the newspaper and Henderson County reported his Jacksonville, Texas residency.

From the US Attorney's Eastern District of Texas press release April 19, 2023:

California Man Sentenced for Federal Drug Trafficking Violations in East Texas -            

According to information presented in court, in October 2021, [Pablo] Sandoval supplied more than 500 grams of methamphetamine to drug dealers in Cherokee County, Texas, which he sourced from suppliers in California. Sandoval was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Texas in April 2022. (Source: DOJ)

United States v. Sandoval, 6:21-CR-00081-JDK

When a Nacogdoches, TX resident is sentenced for the same drug trafficking charges in the same US District Court, and on the same docket as Pablo Sandoval, the meth dealer is referred to a "Nacogdoches man" -  not by where his suppliers are located. (Source: April 28, 2023, Nacogdoches man sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to drug trafficking- KETK)


The same US District Court that sentences female embezzlers to federal prison for stealing from non-profits, totally ignores over $430,000 stolen by the Cherokee County Tax Assessor's office.

East Texas authorities at the state and federal level attempt to blame other areas of the country for the crystal meth they know is manufactured in Cherokee County, Texas. As if 23-year old Pablo Sandoval was driving back and forth from Bakersfield, California with no driver's license to sell his homegrown East Texas poison. Cherokee County has a fine history of constables and police chiefs cooking up meth labs in the woods, a Jacksonville police officer raping transient women, girls being snatched from abuse shelters and their dead bodies dumped like trash;  and unindicted Tax Assessor officials stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars out the Rusk, TX courthouse.  

The more the local drug addicts steal, the more narcotics enforcement grant money the county can steal. 

(April 21, 2023- Vehicle theft ring investigation in Cherokee County leads to 4 arrests, 1 still at large,  KETK)

As a footnote, Cherokee County is patting themselves on the back for rounding up their favorite resident recidivist meth addicts, each averaging about a dozen catch-and-release arrests in the last few years, and charging the group with "Organized Crime."  Their court mandated drug rehab at the Rusk State Hospital has escalated into Grand Theft Auto. One member of the group, Edward Jones, is still at large after being released in Cherokee County last year for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon on top of multiple drug arrests here, there, and everywhere.

Edward Lee Jones, Jacksonville TX

Cherokee County, TX arrests and releases:

03/25/2021 F.T.A. POSS MARIJ < 2OZ(CCSO) - Bond: $5000

02/10/2022 POSS CS PG 1/1-B >= 4G < 200G - Bond: $20000
POSS CS PG 1/1-B < 1G

02/28/2022 POSS CS PG 1/1-B <1G (JPD WARRANT)  - Bond: $2500.00 

05/21/2022 AGG ASSLT W/DEADLY WEAPON - Bond: $25000

02/07/2023  THEFT OF SERV >= $100 < $750 - Bond: $1000
THEFT OF SERV >= $100 < $750 - Bond: $1000

Footnote: fugitive Edward Jones was picked up in the Dallas area in mid June for stealing and shipped back home. He is facing facing theft / organized crime charges with a total $90,000 bond. The tattoos on his face gave him away.



Edward Jones (courtesy Dallas PD)

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Murdering drug snitches turn state's evidence- Part 1



Capital murder suspect Dylan Welch from Jacksonville, TX gets to live to tell his tale the way it was told to him.

New Summerfield, TX: 

Friday February 3, 2023 - Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth announced he would not be seeking the death penalty for Dylan Welch, one of the three defendants from the July 21, 2021 quadruple murder of four New Summerfield residents. (Source: CBS 19) Beckworth was able to flip his favorite of the three currently incarcerated homicide suspects by taking lethal injection off the table and getting the Dylan Welch defense team the most sober court appointed attorney on the Rusk square. Welch will be testifying against fellow drug informants Jesse Pawlowski and Billy Phillips, who both remain eligible for capital punishment. Until one of them admits to only driving the stolen getaway car. (Source: Prosecution will not seek death penalty for 1 of 3 Cherokee County quadruple homicide suspects, KETK)

Stolen 2017 Dodge Challenger (Source: Daily Progress)


Cherokee County DA office meets their murder case quota by releasing violent drug offenders.

From July 2021 - Three career criminals in Jacksonville, TX have been arrested and charged with the capital murder of four residents in nearby New Summerfield, TX. The bodies of John Clinton, Jeff Gerla, Ami Hickey, and Amanda Barnes were found in a home in the 1600 block of Hwy 101 N. (Source: CBS 19) The three suspects have avoided past prosecution and tough sentencing by agreeing to be confidential informants for Cherokee County law enforcement. All three have been arrested and released for similar crimes in the last few years, despite being on Supervised Probation.

Left to Right : Jesse James Pawlowski age 20, Dylan Welch age 21, and Billy Dean Phillips age 37 (Source: KLTV)


Jesse Pawlowski and Dylan Welch both have probated burglary convictions buried in the 2nd Judicial District court; absconding sex offender Billy Phillips was arrested by Jacksonville Police and released 2 weeks prior to the killings. Pawlowski was reported to have been in an polyamorous relationship with two of the victims. The Cherokee County Sheriff Department issued a statement concluding the killings resulted in a dispute over "guns and clothes," not mentioning the extensive drug use and stolen 2017 Dodge Challenger that led to their arrests. Sheriff Dickson's version of events excluded that all three had been in and out of Cherokee County custody while escalating their crime sprees. (Source: KETK)

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Cherokee County's chickens come home to roost

It is Cherokee County's policing policy to catch and release drug addicts and violent criminals to bolster their counterfeit crime statistics for federal funding.

Prison ministries are used by the District Attorney's office to recruit sex offenders to sit on Cherokee County jury pools. Local drug addicts are shuffled into worthless treatment programs so the State can be hourly billed for nonexistent rehabilitation. They get arrested and re-arrested all the time but very rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Friendly neighborhood potheads who could easily be picked up at the Treatment Center for failing their urinalysis, often get their parties crashed by the Po Po during election cycles. Resident crackheads are caught and released with no bail to encourage them to escalate their crime sprees. What results is a show of force by small town police units for news cameras, while chicken shit prosecutors pretend to enforce the law.

Police tank vs. mobile home


Jacksonville, TX : 1/17/23 SWAT standoff with resident drug addicts hiding a stolen gun (Source: Barricaded man taken into custody by SWAT team in Cherokee County, KETK)


Lionel Charles, Jr. is such a threat to SWAT, they him released 4 times in 2022 without setting bail.

Lionel Joseph Charles Jr., 34, was arrested for drug possession and released WITH NO BOND in Cherokee County on four separate occasions in the last year alone. On January 17, 2023, he barricaded himself in a mobile home during a SWAT raid in Jacksonville, TX. Prior to that he had been arrested and released on multiple marijuana, crack cocaine, theft, and credit card abuse charges.

Lionel Charles has been in and out of drug offenders programs, courtesy of Cherokee County taxpayers and the 2nd Judicial District Court.

Filed 10/24/2016 - Disposition: 01/19/2017 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket Case 20218 ; UNAUTH USE OF VEHICLE
Filed 10/24/2016 - Disposition: 01/17/2017 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 20219 ; POSS CS PG 1 <1G
Filed 10/24/2016 - Disposition: 01/19/2017 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 21256 ; CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD ABUSE
Filed 09/12/2019 - Disposition: 11/06/2019 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 22188 ; UNKNOWN
Filed 08/29/2022 - Disposition:
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Cherokee County releases drug addicts and thieves without bond so they can be followed around town.

Jail records prove Lionel Charles was released unconditionally on his own recognizance (OR) the last four times he was busted, so he could reoffend and lead authorities to the next neighborhood crack house sting. This most recent Jan. 17, 2023 raid was conducted by the Jacksonville Police Department; a stolen firearm and other property were recovered without incident. Jacksonville resident Patrick Long was also arrested for the Gun Theft. (Source: Officials identify suspect involved in SWAT standoff in Cherokee County, KLTV)

Patrick Ryan Long,  aka "Junior," "Big Bad Wolf," and "Fat Pat" 1/17/23 

"Hurry up and go steal something, boy!" 

Patrick Long had just been released on theft charges back in September 2022 with no recorded Bond. Despite multiple arrests by Jacksonville PD, many of his charges have never been prosecuted by the district attorney. The county gets to bill for similar suspects' never-ending substance abuse rehab, who dons such colorful nicknames for the staff.

09/16/2022 -THEFT PROP >= $2,500 < $30K; released no Bond
09/16/2019 - Terroristic threat against family member; Bond: $2500
06/19/2019 - Assault family violence; Bond: $2000
03/08/2019 - Assault Class C; released no Bond
09/13/2018 - Burglary Of Habitation; bond: $30000
08/02/2018 - Assault Peace Officer/ Resist arrest; Bond: $22000
01/08/2018 - Assault Peace Officer/ Resist arrest / threaten family violence; Bond: $22000
09/30/2016 - Discharge of firearm in city limits; citation
04/06/2016 - Terroristic threat; Bond: $1500
07/03/2015 - POSS MARIJ < 2OZ; Bond: $1000
09/04/2010 - charges reduced to Class C misdemeanor
09/13/2006 - POSS MARIJ < 2OZ; Bond: $750
04/21/2004 - Disorderly conduct/ Drug Paraph/ Traffic exhibition accel - released 


As a footnote, another violent drug spree with hostages and SWAT took place Tuesday, January 24, 2023 in southern Cherokee County. Three local drug addicts with long criminal histories were arrested for attempting to kidnap residents in a trailer park north of Wells, according to Tyler based media. (Source: 3 arrested in alleged kidnapping, assault in Wells, KETK)

Alice Hayes, Wesley Wallace, and Chad Campbell (courtesy KETK)

Alice Hayes and Wesley Wallace were charged with aggravated kidnapping w/deadly weapon; Chad Campbell was charged for drug possession. The three suspects live in the Wells, TX community. (Source: KLTV) Cherokee County newspapers remain silent on the incident.


Such a safe place to raise a family. (Source KLTV)

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Stolen: over $430,000 from Cherokee County tax office (and they won't report who did it)

They won't tell you who stole $431,375 out of the Cherokee County, TX courthouse over a 5 year period. 

Every wonder why your property taxes keep going through the roof each year? It was quietly reported in July 2022 that the Texas Rangers were investigating the disappearance of over $430,000 in funds from the Cherokee County, TX Tax Assessor-Collector's office.  (Source: Funds missing from Cherokee County tax office, KLTV) After all the hemming and hawing with the County Appraisal District's property tax shortfalls, even blaming "clerical data entry mistakes," there is a simple reason why the county tax roll levy doesn't match what is reported to the State Comptroller. (Source: Jacksonville council calls for chief appraiser’s removal,  Jacksonville Progress)

County commissioners gear up to sue courthouse thief before their unnamed coworker is charged. Or will she ever be charged?

Will she be indicted by her cousins at all? After several forensic audits, $431,375.91 was confirmed stolen between 2015 and 2021 by an elected official in the Cherokee County Tax Assessor's Office.  Instead of publishing the name of the former Cherokee County official responsible for the missing money, the Cherokee County Commissioners Court is suing the unnamed female embezzler in Civil Court with the help of Tyler based attorneys Flowers Davis PLLC. (Source: County leaders to pursue civil suit in tax office theft case, Cherokeean)

In 2021, an internal audit of the Tax Assessor’s Office revealed county documents did not match what was reported to the state comptroller, said the Cherokeean.

Another audit was conducted by an outside company, and they also found there was an inconsistency and that $431,375.91 was missing, said officials. This was allegedly taken between 2015 and 2021 by an employee who had worked for the county for several years, according to the Cherokeean.  (Source: Cherokee County Commissioners Court votes to begin civil suit after money stolen from county tax office, KETK)

Cherokee County Commissioner's Court "...we're gonna get that money back from her, but we ain't gonna tell you who stole it..." (Courtesy: Jacksonville Progress)



Putting the cart before the horse.

With countywide elections around the corner, County Commissioners are eager to appear on top of the $430,000 stolen out from under their noses. They've announced a lawsuit against a still unnamed and unindicted defendant who is apparently related to members on the last two sitting 2022 Grand Juries. This gives the District Attorney's office time to wrangle with the thief's cousins behind closed doors before a potential trial jury is hand-picked and she is offered a settlement. Of course local media doesn't question the bass-ackwards civil suit against an undisclosed former county employee who hasn't been charged with an actual crime. In the interim you are to assume a low level courthouse clerk is capable of doctoring the books of nearly half a million dollars reported to the State Comptroller. They wouldn't lie to you...

Friends in low places

Will Elmer Beckworth recuse himself?

The "investigation" into the missing $430,000 began in January 2022; it was hidden from the public for 7 months until being leaked to the press in July 2022.  It's been over a year since the initial audit confirmed the stolen $430,000 and there are no reports of any criminal charges being filed by good friend Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer Beckworth who works in the same building as the thief.  As does Chris Davis and the entire Commissioners Court. She always brought cookies for everyone...

Gina Upshaw, (4th from the left) et al are lauded with their 15-year service awards, circa 2019 (Jacksonville Progress).

 "Just pay back what you can and don't talk to nobody..."


 Missing vs. Stolen

Audit reveals over $430,000 missing from county tax office, July 13, 2022- Jacksonville Progress

An internal audit of Cherokee County offices and departmental accounts revealed a discrepancy of $431,375.91 related to the tax office.

“Red flags were discovered by my internal auditor in doing a routine part of the audit that initially drew our attention to this,” said Cherokee County Auditor Steven Daughety. “We did do an audit report. Those findings were turned over to the D.A. because of our concerns with it.”

The information was presented to the district attorney on January 12, 2022, according to Daughety. 

District Attorney Elmer Beckworth confirmed only that the Texas Rangers were investigating the matter and that, if the missing amount is proven, the offense would be considered a felony. When questioned about the forensic auditor Daughety said was retained, Beckworth would only speak in generalities, stating the hire of a forensic auditor in such cases would be standard procedure. (Source: Daily Progress, July 13, 2022)

Where are the feds and the Attorney General?

Cherokee County voters are supposed to remain in the dark while their tax dollars are embezzled in the Rusk courthouse. Imagine the response in neighboring Smith County (with a population and budget 5 times the size of Cherokee County) if a mere $4500 went missing from the county tax rolls.  The suspected official's name and face would be all over the 6 o'clock news. Commissioners jumping the gun with a civil suit, before a criminal case has been made by the District Attorney's office, portends the Dog & Pony Show leading up to the May election cycle.  Local media does not make the correlation between hiding the identity of government thieves and their incentive to keep stealing. Obviously, they're all in on it.

Footnote 6/2/23: Gina Upshaw, 62 from Rusk TX was formerly indicted by a Cherokee County grand jury for stealing $431,375.91 from taxpayers during her tenure as Tax Assessor bookkeeper. Of course, no one in the Rusk courthouse has ever met her, or laid eyes on her. They do hope you enjoy your ever increasing property tax hikes (Source: Cherokee County tax office bookkeeper indicted for theft, money laundering, KETK).

Gina Upshaw receives 15-year service award, circa 2019 (Jacksonville Progress).

Gina Upshaw, was employed for 18 years at the Rusk courthouse with the County Clerk's office, and later handpicked by the Commissioners Court as the Cherokee County Tax Assessor Collector Bookkeeper.  (courtesy KETK)

Friday, December 2, 2022

DPS hides identity of hostage taker with prior convictions

Another weekend, another hostage standoff with a resident drug snitch disturbing the peace after violating probation. Another cover up lead by the local chapter of the Texas Rangers when they don't want the public to know the facts. Area authorities have no problem telling the obedient East Texas media who to report on, and who not to, after polishing their Rogues Gallery of busted criminals each week. 






How to No-Bill a guy holding a gun on his own family after putting him on probation for Aggravated Robbery? Send him back home and don't tell anybody who he is.

In the 2nd Judicial District Court of Texas:

  • Burglary and Armed Robbery =  2 years adjudicated probation
  • Domestic Violence and Bodily Injury = 6 months probation
  • Holding your family hostage and getting shot by SWAT in your own front yard = no grand jury
  • An anonymous ride to the emergency room with police escort = priceless 

 Jacksonville, TX: 
On Saturday, November 26, 2022, the Jacksonville Police were dispatched to a home at the 36600 block of US-69 N after a man called 911 claiming to be holding his wife and daughter hostage. Responding officers shot the armed suspect in self defense, after he failed to comply and menacingly approached their vehicles. He was carted off to the local hospital for recovery and to sober up; the wife and daughter were uninjured.  (Source: Man shot after allegedly holding wife and daughter hostage in Jacksonville, KETK )
According to the DPS, the 911 hostage suspect is so dangerous he needs to remain anonymous. (Courtesy: KETK)
Names have not been released pending an "investigation" by the Texas Rangers. East Texas news is too timid to request body cam footage or the suspect's criminal history. It's too embarrassing to see the sweet deal struck with the District Attorney's office back in the day. It's also embarrassing for the Sheriff Department to report a local armed robber's probated sentence in Carl Phillips' Adult Probation Department.

Carl Phillips, head of Cherokee County Probation and convicted child molester.
Each week for over 30 years, Cherokee County newspapers lavished praise and adoration on a resident pedophile grooming his way up the ladder to Director of the Probation Department. They reported Carl Phillip's post-retirement conviction for stealing from the county, then ceased when he was busted for child molestation. Hiding crimes is nothing new to them, especially when it makes the county look bad. The most recent hostage situations and drug related homicides in the county are prime examples of them misleading the public. 
Even though last week's shooting of the armed suspect threatening his family and law enforcement was justifiable by all accounts, the DPS won’t be disclosing the suspect’s prior convictions. There are mandatory minimal sentencing requirements under State law that for some reason, Cherokee County's District Attorney loves to ignore. Such as Burglary and Armed Robbery sentences of only 2 years concurrent probation. Plea deals for Domestic Violence / Bodily Injury result in 6-month probation sentences in the 2nd Judicial District Court when defendants are recruited by District Attorney investigators to snitch on fellow drug users.

Criminal Docket Case 10715 : BURGLARY OF BUILDING
Filed 07/20/1988 - Disposition: 02/08/1989 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket Case 11359 : AGGRAVATED ROBBERY
Filed 08/29/1990 - Disposition: 01/29/1991 Conviction-guilty plea or nolo cont-no jury, Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket Case 14031 : THEFT PROP>=$1,500<$20K
Filed 06/28/1999 - Disposition: 07/31/2001 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas

Filed 06/03/2013 - Disposition: 12/11/2013 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, Cherokee County, Texas
Lazy prosecutors making deals with habitual criminals knowingly leads to escalated violence against the public and law enforcement.

Suspect's name withheld indefinitely after being shot during standoff. (Courtesy: KLTV)
This guy's name also won't be on the lips of the upcoming Grand Jury as long as the suspect's family doesn't sue the Jacksonville Police Department for shooting him in the ass. Daddy will be released on minimum bail courtesy of taxpayers, and back home soon if he agrees to continue using his John Doe alias around town. And stop calling 911 when he's beating his wife unconscious in front of the kids.
 To Catch a Predator, Cherokee County, TX edition.

One day earlier on Friday, November 25, 2022 another Jacksonville, TX resident with priors was arrested for Attempted Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault. Ledarrious Grady, 31 is currently being held on a $75,000 bond. Grady did not call 911 or cause a SWAT situation like the suspect who was shot and released the following day. Grady is black so he doesn't get a Get Out of Jail Free Card.  (Source:  Jacksonville man arrested for alleged aggravated assault, kidnapping, KETK)

Ledarrious Grady, Jacksonville TX

12/8/2022: As a footnote, the wounded suspect has been released from UT Health -Jacksonville, booked in Cherokee County jail and waiting on his momma to come get him. Lucky for him, he shares a cellblock with former ETMC ER doctor Karl Kauffman, facing additional charges of molesting his kids.

Dr. Karl Kauffman, UT Health (Source: Medical Board suspends license of doctor accused of molesting child, Lufkin Daily News) 

1/22/2023: Ledarrious Deshun Grady, 31, was arrested again for DUI while out on bail for his previous ASSAULT and KIDNAPPING charges in Cherokee County back in early December. Just keep on keepin' on.

Ledarrious Grady, Jacksonville TX, 1/22/2023