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Assistant County Judge arrested for 3rd Degree Felony Tampering with Government Records and making false statements













Peggy Cornelius

County Judge's office used in Power of Attorney scheme.

Texas Penal Code § 37.10 - Tampering With Governmental Record (a) A person commits an offense if he or she: (1) knowingly makes a false entry in, or false alteration of, a governmental record; (2) makes, presents, or uses any record, document, or thing with knowledge of its falsity and with intent that it be taken as genuine. 

Rusk, TX:

County Judge Chris Davis' secretary and personal assistant has been busted for doing what long term county employees do best within their culture of corruption. Peggy Cornelius has worked in Cherokee County government since 1993 as Chris Davis' handpicked administrator, running Commissioner's Court agenda, and as the county's software custodian. Their friends and family in the County Clerk's office run Cherokee County's election system. Cornelius received her 25 year service award in 2019, even though courthouse officials are gearing up to pretend they never saw her before. Kinfolk use their heir apparent position to help themselves to taxpayer funds, like they've been doing for the last 30 plus years. Cornelius just got caught in her old age.  Charges include tampering with government records, i.e. notarizing a fake Power of Attorney, and lying about it to arresting officers. 




Sec. 32.01.  "Financial institution" means a bank, trust company, insurance company, credit union, building and loan association, savings and loan association, investment trust, investment company, or any other organization held out to the public as a place for deposit of funds or medium of savings or collective investment.

It's not "county business;" it's just a County Auditor using the seal of the County Judge's office to steal someone's property. There's a victim in this case... of bank fraud inside the county... who lives in the county... and whose property is in the county... but it's not "county business."

Peggy Cornelius and another county employee have been under investigation beginning last month according to Sheriff Dickson, after a bank in Jacksonville, TX reported a fraudulent Power of Attorney. Cornelius has been released from Cherokee County jail on $5000 bond along with her co-conspirator in the County Auditor's office. Chris Davis and local media are keeping mum on her arrest. We will update if and when facts are (rarely) reported by outside news agencies. No word from the victim yet, either.

County business as usual.

Cherokee County Commissioners hold regular session 3 days before Court Coordinator Peggy Cornelius posts bond (Aug. 28, 2021 Jacksonville Progress)

After approving next years' budget, Cherokee County Commissioner's Court has other public meetings slated regarding proposed tax rates. Expect these to be closed to the public for the next few weeks while Commissioner's Court goes into damage control.

The case is "ongoing" meaning the nepotism and lying never ends.

Cherokee County employees present to receive their years of service award during the July 9 Commissioner’s Court meeting were, in no particular order, Jennifer Crowley, Judia Husband, Kelly Ray, Marceia Hamilton, Jonathan Hughes, Pam White, Peggy Cornelius and Chris Davis. Also pictured are county commissioners Kelly Traylor, Pct. 1; Steven Norton, Pct. 2; Pactrick Reagan, Pct. 3 and Byron Underwood, Pct. 4.

Cherokee County employees present to receive their years of service award during the July 9 Commissioner’s Court meeting were, in no particular order, Jennifer Crowley, Judia Husband, Kelly Ray, Marceia Hamilton, Jonathan Hughes, Pam White, Peggy Cornelius and Chris Davis. Also pictured are county commissioners Kelly Traylor, Pct. 1; Steven Norton, Pct. 2; Patrick Reagan, Pct. 3 and Byron Underwood, Pct. 4. (Cherokeean July 11, 2018)

Who is paid to alter county data reporting for property tax purposes?


Underlings forged District Judge Bascom Bentley's signature on court documents, so what's wrong with a little fake Power of Attorney to defraud the elderly out of their property?

Cherokee County courthouse employees have access to personal emails, business calls, and first dibs on taxpayer money. Commissioners and those in the family clique enjoy county bulldozers maintaining their private properties, along with yard care provided by probationers. Sex offenders on good behavior are carpooled in for Jury Duty, then dropped off at elementary schools or the local golf course to help clean up the grounds. It's par for the course.

Community Services Director Carl Phillips oversaw 30 years of probated Cherokee County, TX sex offenders. (Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months, KETK)

Cherokee County newspapers don't report the crimes committed by their families and friends.

In another all time low in Cherokee County reporting, questions remain if Peggy Cornelius is on permanent leave with full State retirement benefits, or will she continue to notarize county business while out on Felony bond. This will be the first courthouse retirement party in 100 years not advertised in the local newspapers.

Peggy Cornelius certifies Cherokee County's annual budget.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Absconding sex offender and probated burglars arrested for quadruple murder - When drug informants kill Part 1

Fugitive sex offenders are released on bond when caught in Cherokee County, TX.

Cherokee County, TX is where absconding sex offenders throughout the state can call home. Thieves and drug addicts can make sweet deals with District Attorney Elmer Beckworth and can count on their criminal histories being buried by the local media when they go on murdering sprees. Even after the same news outlets reports their previous arrests and releases just weeks prior.

Local sex offenders serve on juries as insurance to keep district court cases from being overturned. If the 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler, TX allows child molesters to sit on a jury, then so does the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Attorney General. They also use them to snitch on local drug dealers.

Billy Dean Phillips (Source: DPS)

Billy Phillips, age 37 was arrested earlier this month in Jacksonville, TX for FAILING TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER. Phillips is supposed to be under supervision in Dallas County for the molestation of a 13-year old girl. He was released to wander the streets of Cherokee County several weeks ago for some reason, and is now charged with killing a family of four, including mother and son in New Summerfield, TX.

Jacksonville Daily Progress: Sheriff's Arrest Report- July 4, 2021        

Billy Phillips, 37, Jacksonville, failure to comply with sex offender duty to register (Dallas Co.)            (Source: Daily Progress)

The DPS had Phillips listed as an Absconding fugitive since December 2020 when he disappeared into Cherokee County. They did not bother to retrieve him when he was arrested in Jacksonville so he could keep ratting out the local drug ring he associates with. He was not picked up and arraigned in Dallas County; they released him back in Jacksonville, TX and quietly updated his status in the Sex Offender Registry. Failure to stay registered as a sex offender is a Felony offense in Texas. Who paid for an unemployed drug addict's bond? Phillips will not be on the roll call for jury duty this month.

Jesse Pawlowski (Source: KETK)

Billy Dean Phillip's accomplice and Jacksonville, TX resident Jesse Pawlowski is currently on probation in Cherokee County for a 2019 burglary spree when he was charged again in 2020 for breaking into a vehicle in Harris County. His probation was not revoked. He is now also charged in connection of the quadruple murder in New Summerfield, TX after stealing the victim's car.

2017 Dodge Challenger (Source: Daily Progress

Being a drug snitch for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department has paid off again; however a habitual thief given adjudicated probation by District Attorney Elmer Beckworth's office and the 2nd Judicial District court has led to the murder of four residents. They'll claim they're just keeping the county safe.

During press conferences and interviews, Cherokee County Sheriff Brent Dickson plays coy as to the criminal history of the three suspects knowing that one of them (Billy Phillips) was released from his custody just 2 weeks ago for absconding Sex Offense registration. The other ones are well acquainted with CCSO "Narcotics" officers. No anonymous tip was needed to locate and apprehend them. They were found at the local drug den RV Park where they're paid to snitch on each other.

Mark your calendars: the Cherokee County District Attorney's office will blame the Texas Constitution and Penal Code for a fugitive sex offender they released and two of his drug buddies  killing 4 people.

New Summerfield, TX:

Three career criminals in Jacksonville, TX have been arrested and charged with the capital murder of four residents in nearby New Summerfield, TX. The bodies of John Clinton, Jeff Gerla, Ami Hickey, and Amanda Barnes were found in a home in the 1600 block of Hwy 101 N. (Source: CBS 19) The three arrestees have avoided prosecution by agreeing to be confidential informants for law enforcement. All three have been arrested and released for similar crimes in the last few years, despite being on Supervised Probation.

Left to Right : Jesse James Pawlowski age 20, Dylan Welch age 21, and Billy Phillips age 37 (Source: KLTV)

Jesse Pawlowski is on concurrent deferred adjudicated probation for multiple counts of breaking into homes, as reported in the Jacksonville Daily Progress in October 2019; he was 18 at the time of the plea bargaining. (Source: Daily Progress

Criminal Docket; Case 21314 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 11/22/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 21317 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 12/19/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Criminal Docket; Case 21318 ; BURGLARY OF HABITATION
Filed 12/19/2019 - Disposition: 12/20/2019 Deferred adjudication
2nd District Court, District Clerk, Cherokee County, Texas

Jesse Pawlowski also has an open Burglary of a Vehicle charge in Harris County, TX; his probation in Cherokee County was not revoked.

Harris County, TX Case ID: 232559401010, Burglary of a Vehicle filed 9/14/2020.

As stated earlier, authorities made the decision to let Billy Dean Phillips stay in Cherokee County, TX after Dallas County executed an arrest warrant, so he could keep on doing what he was doing.

The 3rd suspect, Dylan Welch of Jacksonville, TX, has past Burglary charges reduced to Criminal Trespass (KETK).

Footnote: As the story updates, KETK reports the criminal histories of each of the three suspects in the New Summerfield quadruple murder. Billy Dean Phillips is an unregistered sex offender from the Dallas area; Jesse Pawlowski has multiple burglary and drug arrests in Cherokee County and elsewhere; as does Dylan Welch. Each has had their bonds set at $1 million. (Source: KETK, Here are the criminal histories for the 3 quadruple murder suspects)

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cherokee County Sheriff Deputy sentenced to 5 years for Indecency with a Child


(Courtesy KETK March 23, 2019)

As part of plea bargain, Cherokee County District Court doesn't report the prison sentence of Sheriff Deputy molesting a local child.

Taking their cues from the Cherokee County District Attorney's office and the 2nd Judicial District Court, East Texas media refuses to report the light sentencing of a local Sheriff Deputy convicted of child molestation during the time he was employed with the county. They published each phase of the case from his arrest to indictment. No reports that in March he accepted a plea bargain and is locked up in TDCJ. After reporting on the case for over 2 years, why would they not inform the public that a police officer was sitting in prison for Indecency with a Minor? Because he was given only 1 year for each count after a Change of Venue and Cherokee County sentenced him to probation. Pedophiles avoid prosecution by becoming Narcotics Task Force informants and stoolies for the district attorney's office.


Local sex offenders serve on juries as insurance to keep district court cases from being overturned.

Jacksonville, TX:

Cherokee County Deputy Sergeant Jonathan Bryan Shobert was sentenced in March 2021 after his reported Indictment back in 2019 on 5 separate felony counts of Indecency with a Child By Contact.  His 5 year sentence was processed through the 64th District Court in the Panhandle and away from the prying eyes of the victim's family. Deputy Shobert is eligible for parole in 2023. He had been in Cherokee County law enforcement since 2002.(Source: Daily Progress, Oct. 24, 2006) In fact he remained employed after being arrested by the Texas Rangers from incidents reported back in 2018. (Source: Daily Progress, Feb 14, 2019) Shobert will be under concurrent Deferred Adjudication as a Registered Sex Offender upon his early release, that way he can still be called for Cherokee County jury duty.

2nd District Court, TX Case 21177 :
Filed 05/20/2019 - Disposition: 03/05/2021 Deferred Adjudication

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Elementary school principal indicted for covering up child molestation, keeps job


Community rallies together to hide student sexual assault.

Palestine, TX:  

The way the news is spun and suppressed in rural East Texas would make your skin crawl. Neches Elementary School, located in Anderson County, made the national press again after the school board extended the contract of their recently indicted principal Kimberlyn Snider. (Source: KLTV- Neches ISD principal indicted for alleged role in sex assault investigation)  Snider was charged with coercing children and teachers to lie to investigators after a student was sexually assaulted. (Source: KLTV Neches principal’s personnel file letters allege she coerced statements from students during investigation) The facts of the actual molestation are conveniently buried in small town feuds. For several years, Snider has been embroiled in multiple online recall petitions after being accused of retaliating against teachers and bullying students. The molestation involves Neches ISD students yet no reported arrests have been made, other than the principal's own tampering charges. Even though investigators interviewed parents and faculty of Neches Elementary, local media attempts to report the victim as "not a Neches ISD student" while covering up the identity of the molester. Reporters were hesitant at first to confirm the child attended Neches ISD. Nightly news casts adamantly deny the victim attends Neches ISD, even though Snider claims to have conducted "her own investigation" per her personnel file. She is said to have interjected herself onto other campuses.

Ok boys and girls, one of your friends who doesn't go to this Elementary or any school in the district was NOT molested by faculty or someone NOT attending Neches ISD. Even though I'm facing over a dozen complaints about bullying students and staff, you better keep your mouth shut about something we know NOTHING about that did NOT happen at Neches ISD. Same goes for your teachers who SAW and HEARD nothing...

Indicted Palestine, TX elementary school principal Kimberlyn Snider is not on administrative leave thanks to her husband- the Neches ISD superintendent.  

The elementary school principal is accused of threatening to lock down students and terminate witnesses to get them to change their statements. School Board members are mum as to the age of the victim, where the assault occurred; and Snider's and their relationship to the perpetrator. If a child is assaulted by a school employee or another student on or off campus, the public deserves to know about it. Notice the media's focus is solely on what Principal Snider did or did not do, not on the actual molestation. Authorities know if the molester is allowed to roam free, then Snider's charges will be eventually dismissed, especially if it involves a High School date rapist in the family clique.

The indictments, one [felony] count of “tampering fabricating evidence” and five counts of “official oppression,” against Kimberlyn Ann Snider were handed down on Wednesday, January 27 with Snider’s accused actions allegedly taking place on September 29, 2020. The indictment lists five different people whom Snider allegedly subjected “to detention that the defendant knew was unlawful ... acting under color here employment as a public servant, namely Neches Elementary Principal.” (Source: KLTV, Neches ISD principal indicted for alleged role in sex assault investigation)


Despite growing citizen opposition, the Neches Independent School District 'voted' to extend indicted elementary school principal Kim Snider’s contract without disciplinary action. 

Snider's husband Randy Snider is the Neches ISD superintendent; both employ a taxpayer provided Neches ISD attorney to represent them. Kimberlyn Snider has plead not guilty to the charges according to news sources. She faces up to 15 years in prison. The Texas Education Agency is reviewing the case. Principal Snider has been accused of "bullying" students in the past and the target of small town politicking throughout her tenure. Neches ISD trustees (and her husband) have always sided with her. However there is more effort from concerned citizens to remove Snider from her position than there is to prosecute the molestation.

A Tri-County pedophile ring operates in plain sight with the backing of public officials.

Because the child sex assault occurred at Neches ISD, and as a friend of the family has access to elementary school age children, their identity has been hidden. An outsider would have been arrested on the spot, with their name and face plastered all over the place. Insiders get cozy plea bargains and continue to work around children, with the support of judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and law enforcement within their clique. They keep their own kids enrolled within the same school district to perpetuate the cycle. Allies in the small town newspaper write misleading stories as part of the cover up. During jury selection they promote registered sex offenders as local charity cases with glowing write-ups.

(Source:  About 30 take part in rally calling for removal of Neches Elementary School Principal Kimberlyn Snider, KETK)

Local pedophiles serve on juries as insurance to keep district court cases from being overturned.

In 2013, Neches ISD Jr. High teacher Lisa Harroff was busted for having sexual relations with a 17-year male student she was "coaching" over several months. The Anderson County District Court dropped all charges when the boy turned 18 and Harroff relinquished her Teaching Certificate. (Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph) Knowing the incident would get national coverage, local media reported Harroff's age as 39 years old; Harroff was actually 49 at the time of her arrest.


Palestine, TX teacher Lisa Harroff 

Also in 2013, school board member Joshua Kincade faced child porn charges after being caught with nude photos of a Neches ISD student on his cellphone (Source: Neches ISD school board member charged with possession of child porn, KLTV) Anderson County investigators obtained a search warrant and seized several devices from Kincade’s home. Kincade was elected to the Neches Independent School District School Board in November 2012. His wife worked as a 4th Grade teacher at the Neches Elementary School with Principal Kim Snider. She was terminated in 2015 for participating in a “Change for Neches” Facebook group and posting derogatory remarks against Snider. (Source: Palestine Herald) In typical East Texas fashion, the outcome of Joshua Kincade's child porn possession case was buried to protect the School District from scrutiny and lawsuits. (Source: Palestine Herald-Press)

Joshua Kincade, Neches ISD school board trustee

As a footnote, on May 17, 2021 the Neches ISD School Board accepted the resignation of superintendent Randy Snider effective in June (Source: KETK). Snider's wife is still employed at Neches Elementary. The school district and Anderson County authorities continue the smokescreen as to the identity of the child molester. As in neighboring Cherokee County, this means the perpetrator is well-known in the community and their family serves on grand juries or is part of the district court jury pools.

Randy Snider, Neches ISD superintendent  

June 23, 2021: To follow up, Neches ISD has filed a lawsuit against the Texas AG to overturn FOIA requests regarding the molestation and subsequent cover up. Lawyers representing both Kimberlyn Snider and the Neches ISD have filed motions in Austin in an effort to block open records responses from the Texas Attorney General’s office. The motions are “not intended to thwart transparency,” claims the attorneys. (Source: KETK) Their argument is that the Texas Public Information Act is excluded from releasing derogatory details of the case, even after the redaction of personal information, i.e. the identity of the victim "in another case" they claim does not attend Neches Elementary. They do admit however the records involve “current and former employees and students of NISD; ” i.e. the molester they quietly dismissed and all the witnesses. The FOIA requests come from a concerned citizens group and not from the lapdog East Texas media. Snider's pre-trial hearing is set for June 25, 2021.

As the Neches ISD continues to lawyer up, there will be a concerted effort to postpone and dismiss these cases outright, while they discredit the victim's family to avoid having the pants sued off the School Board. They don't want the molestation to be exposed. After months of spin, local media and authorities have not officially disclosed the circumstances surrounding the child sex assault or the Elementary School principal's alleged witness tampering on a case they claim occurred out of the school district.

July 9, 2021 update: KETK reports principal Kimberlyn Snider has vacated her position at Neches Elementary, but still remains employed under contract with Neches ISD. (Source: KETK, Kimberlyn Snider no longer principal at Neches Elementary; district seeking to fill post 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Filthy jails and puppy dog tails


Rusk, TX:

Everything's not sugar and spice at the county jail. Someone forgot to tell the local news media that there's a new Sheriff in town. The Cherokee County Jail in Rusk, TX was a mess "a long time in the making," left over from previous office holders who include the Sheriff's father and his former bosses. Decades of jail violations and drippy faucets never leaked to the press before. Cherokee County's dirty laundry is being aired after State inspectors documented numerous mold, sanitation, and supervision problems that have gone unreported for years. Someone has the knives out for the new jail staff. Prisoners cooped up inside their cells without exercise and recreation spend a lot of time running their mouths off on the jailhouse pay phones. Deputies will have to be reassigned from inmate phone call monitoring duties to make-believe charitable events. (Source: State finds unsanitary conditions, many problems in Cherokee County Jail; sheriff says problems resolved - KETK)

Jail is not supposed to be the Hilton; however the Texas Commission on Jail Standards does enforce minimum safety requirements. Cherokee County has a history of jail citations from failing to properly screen incoming prisoners, to inmates killing themselves and female detainees being raped. The latest inspection of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department jail in Rusk, TX was on Oct. 15, 2020. (Source: State Cites Cherokee County Jail Violations- KLTV, Tyler TX)

Break out the salt for the slugs and snails.

With the holidays right around the corner and a rigged election under the carpet, county tax payers can forget about the Commissioners Court allocating millions of dollars for CCSO to run a non-compliant jail and think instead about growing beards for deer season. Somebody's cousin will be paid to go in, clean up the toxic mold and break some more waterlines. Nepotism always pays off when family members create slime problems their kids get appointed to fix. It would be so nice and cozy if only the Tyler news outlets would stop interviewing people in Cherokee County and stop reporting how the Sheriff Department spends its money.

(Source: TCJS report 10-15-2020)

Texas Government Code Chapter 573 

Cherokee County uses smoke and mirrors to distract from homegrown nepotism. In 2019, the County Attorney asked the State Attorney General's office if it were legal for in-laws of the incoming Tax Assessor-Collector to work in the same County office. (Source: TX Attorney General archive March 8, 2019) According to the AG, it is OK as long as the relatives were hired before their kinfolk took office. Otherwise, they use their maiden names or fly under the radar until retirement. The County Attorney never posed that question regarding employees of the City of Rusk and those working in the court house all being related.

Section 573.041 of the Government Code prohibits a public official from employing a person who is related to the public official by the specified degree of consanguinity or affinity. Section 573.062 excepts persons employed in a position for a specified continuous period of time prior to a relative's election or appointment to public office.

In other words, it is against the law for the Sheriff Department and the District Attorney's office to pay their cousins to be "confidential informants." It is against the law for the County Judge to use the Probation Department and county precinct equipment to mow and edge his property.

Jacksonville, TX:

It takes out of region news agencies to get wind of small town atrocities before the public is made aware that their County facilities have failed health inspections. Nursing homes quietly shut their doors without notice when they become financially insolvent after being caught abusing the residents. Substance abuse centers and halfway homes come and go like Pez Candy after years of neglect and tax write offs. Grant money is funneled to family-operated puppy mills with free advertising in local newspapers, lining their pockets and cages. In 2015, Jacksonville's Klein Animal Shelter closed after a surprise inspection revealed illegal animal euthanasia. The director and employees where charged with animal cruelty and torture. (Source: Police charge 2 for animal cruelty as Klein shelter investigation continues- KLTV Tyler

Klein Animal Shelter, Jacksonville TX (Courtesy KLTV)  

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Perfect Storm

The duly elected President of the United States is accused of secretly doing exactly what rogue politicians and law enforcement do in plain sight. The incestuous media repeats every lie fed to them while Silicon Valley tech giants actively participate in the inversion of reality. A large chunk of the population eagerly goes along with it, politically cheering on even what negatively impacts their own families. Government corruption is written off as unique circumstances that require more government to fix, i.e. a "perfect storm" of unfortunate but unrelated events that only they can solve - but never do. NO ONE IS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Sound familiar Cherokee County?
Entrenched government employees illegally wiretap their political enemies. There are so many willing participants of in-your-face corruption that they can frame a 5-Star General and the President of the United States for something that never took place. They get away with it because affiliated judges allow prosecutors to bring in their allies to sit on the juries. When they get caught fabricating evidence and witness tampering, the appellate courts knowingly ignore it or make up laws on the bench to justify it. It is a perfect storm of corruption in the Deep State, the Swamp, and small town USA we all know about it. They get away with murder and silencing their critics. Their collective hatred routinely boils over after demonizing their political opponents and they start killing people. And they get away with it.

New York:

How did high profile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein kill himself in a federal jail cell under CCTV surveillance? The same maximum security facility where El Chapo is guarded?

Attorney General William Barr says Epstein's 'suicide' was “the perfect storm” of incompetent jailer screw-up, broken video cameras, and outdated prison procedures. Reassignments, terminations and reprimands resulted. NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. (Source: Fox News)

New Jersey:

Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell is under protective custody in nearby federal holding facilities where she too faces being 'suicided.' (Source Fox News) Her mishandled prosecution will also be written off as "too many bad things happening at once" at the DOJ. Spokespeople for the New York Federal District Courts will claim "there's too much chaos going on with BLM protesters and COVID-19 lockdowns...and you know it is probably Donald Trump's Tweets causing all of this."

Washington DC:

In the summer of 2016, Bernie Sanders staffer Seth Rich was gun downed in the wee morning hours steps away from his Washington DC apartment. He is reported to be the link between WikiLeaks and the release of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails. His drinking buddies Democrat Congressional IT staffers Imran Awan and brother Abid had complete access to Democrat computers and email servers. Even though the brothers are tied to Pakistani Intelligence, they were hired and coddled by Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Awan was sentenced to 3 months probation for bank fraud after trying to flee the country, their crimes swept under the carpet and barely mentioned in national media. (Source: Washington Examiner)

Seth Rich had been at a local Washington DC bar with the Imran Awan brothers the night he was murdered. Rich was shot twice in the back and spoke to police before dying 2 hours later at the hospital. The attack was caught on unreleased surveillance cameras; he had not been robbed.  Julian Assange offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. (Source: People's Pundit Daily) Hillary Clinton’s and Congressional Democrat email servers have never been handed over to the FBI to prove any foreign hacking. The media says Seth Rich was "at the wrong place at the wrong time" and continue the Russian collusion delusion.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane: the license to illegally spy and lie under oath.

The NSA, CIA, and FBI in concert with media outlets illegally spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and continued after he took office. Multiple federal laws have been broken, including lying to the FISA courts. Top FBI officials are on record routinely leaking classified information to the media and lying about it under oath. Even though Inspector General Michael Horowitz' report spells out the fabrication of evidence in order to obtain multiple FISA surveillance warrants, NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  (Source: DOJ)

Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified he didn't even read the FISA Warrant applications he was signing for, the bulk of which the FBI outsourced to Clinton lawyers at Fusion GPS (Source: AMP) Like Jeffrey Epstein's jail crew, reprimands, reassignments, and terminations are touted by lily-livered politicians as being sufficient punishment. NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

It's all Donald Trump's fault.

For over 3 years US Attorney John Durham has been investigating the Obama administration’s basis for illegal wire taps on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page and the genesis of the FBI's Operation Crossfire Hurricane Russian collusion probe. NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Meanwhile, Trump has been impeached for allegedly working for both the Russians and the Ukraine, along with being the cause of every natural disaster, pandemic, and murder of every black person on the planet since the beginning of time. The Deep State slow walks prosecuting members of the Swamp while it works double-time to frame, financially ruin, and lock up members of Trump's presidential transition team.

After Trump’s 2016 win, incoming National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn’s phone calls to world leaders were intercepted by Obama officials and illegally leaked to media outlets. Gen. Flynn was unmasked 53 times by 39 different Obama officials including VP Joe Biden. Even though Republicans run the Senate Judiciary Committee and are supposed to provide oversight, NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR FRAMING A 3 STAR GENERAL.

Granted, it would be nearly impossible for Deep State prosecutors to bring Federal charges against former Obama officials in the Democrat run District of Columbia, especially during a presidential election. Democrat appointed judges oppose anything that may benefit Donald Trump. But they can lock up Trump supporters for "lying" about things that never took place.

FBI Director James Comey told the world in his infamous 2016 Press Conference (about Hillary Clinton's private email servers) that even though she broke multiple laws mishandling classified information, no Washington DC prosecutor would have the cojones to bring charges. No Washington DC judge would hear the case and no Washington DC jury would ever convict a Democrat for violating National Security.  On the other hand, low tier Trump allies face pre-dawn FBI raids, stacked juries, and Obama appointed judges.

Will the biggest hoax of the Trump/Russia collusion probe be that no one will be held accountable for the attempted coup of the President of the United States?

Illegally spying on presidential campaigners, the collusion with Russian assets, the framing of innocent Americans, and the colossal waste of tax dollars during the Mueller Probe will all be written off as THE PERFECT STORM of anti-Trumpers just doing what they thought was right at the time. The inevitable conclusion of the Russian Hoax probe will end in hand-wringing and promises by politicians "to try to do better in the future." Had any single one of these crimes even been alleged against any member of Trump's team, Republicans and Democrats alike would be demanding heads to roll and traitors to be locked up YESTERDAY.

Meanwhile, they have set the precedent to do it again and keep the public from finding out. They've accomplished swaying the 2018 midterm elections with Russian propaganda paid for with taxpayer dollars they ran 24-7 on cable news, regaining the House of Representatives and impeaching the President.

What are they covering up? Just the illegal wiretapping of private citizens to affect the outcome of a presidential election.

"You did everything by the book, right?..."

The American people will continue to be fed the lie that James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, et al were simply “overzealous” in their duty to expose Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. That they made simple mistakes and multiple misjudgments along the way that were the “perfect storm” of mishandled classified information, unmasking and accidentally leaking phone calls, and that they were beguiled by Clinton opposition research (and their understandable hatred for Donald Trump).

The Attorney General of the United States knows a federal grand jury would scoff at the fact the entire Trump/Russian Collusion narrative was fabricated and perpetuated by the same rogue FBI agents who covered for Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. He understands the entire story of the truth will be rewritten by a handful of traitors waiting for him to toss in the towel. The American people have to accept that a Democrat campaign can pay foreigners for made up dirt on opponents, the FBI can use Russian disinformation to obtain FISA warrants, and FBI agents are political hitmen.

Whether it is the federal government in Washington D.C., or the corrupt county courthouse in Podunk, USA, they will always lie and collectively cover their asses to stay in power. They not only need you to repeat their lies, they need you feel good about it.  It happens at the highest offices in the land, and it doesn't happen by accident or the mismanagement of "unforeseeable events." The cabal attacks in unison anything and anyone who exposes its criminal activity and threatens its existence. Murder for hire, blackmail, the sexual abuse of children, illegal interception of phone calls and emails; framing people and the misapplication of the law is how the unscrupulous few stay in power.

"Know your place, peasants."

A corrupt government breaks its contract with the people when it spreads Fake News, spies on its citizens, and fabricates criminal charges against political enemies. We are at the point in our history that the many in the federal bureaucracy think the citizens are slaves to the State. Hopefully the Washington Deep State will face a storm of patriots come November.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Report: Murdered Jacksonville, Texas woman was to testify against cop

Shunte Coleman (Courtesy CBS News, August 24, 2014)

Jacksonville, TX:

Authorities say they are treating the death of a Jacksonville, Texas woman whose remains were found earlier this year as a murder investigation, reports CBS affiliate KYTX.
Before her disappearance eight years ago, 26-year-old Shunte Coleman was expected to testify against Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh, who was being investigated on sexual assault charges.

Police said they aren't ruling out Pugh as a potential suspect.
Coleman's remains were found in March, in a wooded area of San Augustine County, not far from where the body of another woman, Terri Reyes, was found in 2007.

Reyes was also expected to testify against Pugh. He was sentenced in 2007 to 12 years in prison for rape and other charges.

Courtesy Tyler Morning Telegraph, June 14, 2014

The remains of a woman who disappeared eight years ago after making outcries of sexual abuse against a former Jacksonville police officer have been found, officials reported on Friday.
Skeletal remains of Shunte M. Coleman, who was last seen July 3, 2006, were found on March 12 by a forester in a thickly wooded area in San Augustine County, east of the "T" intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 1196 and County Road 347, officials said Friday in a news release.

In 2007, Alvin Boykin talked to the Tyler Morning Telegraph about the day his friend, Ms. Coleman, left his Jacksonville home on foot. He said then that his home was an ad hoc shelter, offered to anyone needing a place to stay.

Ms. Coleman, a mother of two, had freely come and gone from his residence — but so had a handful of other women needing a boost. So when Ms. Coleman said she was leaving for a while, Boykin watched her go.

She didn't come back. Neither did another frequenter, Terri Renee Troublefield Reyes, who disappeared around the same time as Ms. Coleman. The 38-year-old Athens woman was last seen alive on May 21, 2006, and was found dead and unclothed in Angelina National Forest in fall 2006.
The women knew each other from Boykin's home, and both were pinpointed as potential witnesses to testify against former Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh.

In 2006, Pugh was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the sexual assault of women while on duty and retaliating against a woman for reporting the crime.

Ms. Coleman and Ms. Reyes both went missing while Pugh was out of jail on bond — between February 2006 and August 2006.

In 2007, Pugh pleaded guilty to perjury for lying about sexually assaulting women while on duty. The next year, he was sentenced to 18 months for perjury. He was sued in two additional lawsuits by eight women claiming they also were sexually assaulted by him while he was an officer.
According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Pugh, 41, is incarcerated in Marianna, Florida, in a medium-security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp. His release date is listed as May 13, 2018.

Shortly after Ms. Reyes' remains were identified through DNA testing in 2007, attorney Curtis Stuckey told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that he might have used Ms. Reyes as a witness in the civil trial, but he never had an opportunity to talk to her because she disappeared.

"She had made an outcry" to law enforcement, like several other women, he said.
Stuckey represented a 43-year-old Jacksonville woman who was raped and retaliated against by Pugh in a civil lawsuit against the former officer.

Stuckey said he also would have been interested in talking to Ms. Coleman as a possible witness against Pugh if she had not disappeared.

San Augustine Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham said Friday that at this point, law enforcement cannot connect Pugh to Ms. Coleman's disappearance and death, but officials are not ruling out any potential suspects.

He said an active investigation is being continued by the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

The San Augustine County Sheriff's Office, with assistance from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Rangers and the FBI, recovered the remains, which were examined by a forensic anthropologist at Sam Houston State University and then delivered to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, where DNA extracted from the remains were entered into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), officials said.

On Thursday, the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office and the Jacksonville Police Department were notified that the remains belonged to Ms. Coleman.
The woman who won the civil lawsuit against Pugh in 2007 testified in federal court that she was walking one night in March 2005 when Pugh offered her a courtesy ride in his police car. Instead of taking her where she wanted to go, he took her to a dark, empty trailer house.
"He raped me," she said crying. "I was too scared to do anything."
She said Pugh drove her back to the neighborhood and dropped her off.

In August 2006, after Pugh had been indicted on federal charges, the woman was again walking at night when a man in a van who was wearing sunglasses approached and offered her a ride. She said she recognized Pugh's voice and declined.

As she walked away, Pugh got out of the vehicle and took his belt off. The two struggled and the victim tried to fight him, but he put his belt around her neck, she said. Pugh began dragging her toward his van and "by the grace of God," the belt snapped and she escaped.
The woman admitted she had a criminal record and was fighting a crack addiction, she said.
Pugh pleaded guilty to the charges but denied ever having sex with her or any of the other women.
Joe Evans, an investigator for the Cherokee County District Attorney's Office, testified at the time that the plaintiff was the first of many women who made outcries claiming they were sexually assaulted by Pugh.

Evans said he talked to 25 to 30 witnesses, including women who claimed they had been raped by Pugh and people they had told, including ministers and police officers, who substantiated their claims. He said the witnesses were from Athens, Tyler and other areas.
Evans said Pugh preyed on vulnerable women who lived on the street and had drug or legal problems. One-third of them had pending charges, one-third of them were on parole or probation and one-third of them had no criminal charges, he said.

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Questions still loom for the grandmother of a woman's remains found in E Texas 
June 21, 2014

Tyler, TX:

The grandmother of an East Texas woman whose body was identified Friday says she always feared the worst had happened to her granddaughter. Shunte Coleman went missing in July of 2006. In March, skeletal remains found in San Augustine County were confirmed to be Shunte Coleman.
Shunte’s grandmother says almost eight years later, the family's questions still haven't been answered. Pictures of Shunte fill the walls of Margaret Anderson’s home.

"She was a very charming person, a good-hearted person. Most of all, Shunte loved to discuss the bible,” said Anderson.

Just two days before Anderson learned Shunte was missing, she says Shunte called her.
"She wanted to go to put some flowers on her mother's grave. [She asked if I would] go with her and I told her yes. I never heard from her since,” she said.

Anderson says she always knew something bad had happened to her beloved granddaughter.
"I didn't have hope. I knew after a few months. I felt like she was gone. I felt like I would have heard from Shunte, one way or another, if she was alive,” said Anderson.

When she heard that remains found in March had been identified as Shunte, she says she felt her prayers had been answered.

"Wednesday, that was the last thing I asked of God, to reveal what had happened to Shunte,” she said.
Although she finally knows Shunte is gone, Anderson says she still has so many questions.
"Of course I don't know how she died, what she went through with this death. I don't know that, but I know now she is really gone and there is no coming back," she said.