Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rape and Perjury for Jacksonville, TX cop. Redneck Games. Nacogdoches Deputy facing child porn charges...Frontal lobes needed.

The Cherokee County District Attorney's office has decided to charge federally convicted rapist Jacksonville patrol cop Larry Pugh with something. This comes after district attorney Elmer Beckworth predicted months earlier to the Jacksonville Daily Progress that Larry Pugh would merely "have to register as a sex offender" after his jail time. Following Beckworth's suit of offering probation as plea bargain to sex offenders and the local media ignoring the sentencing.

It was decided after Larry Pugh's exhaustive 2 weeks worth of plea bargains (no Federal appeal on the horizon) that it was in the vested interest of the little community to finally bring state charges against the rouge officer. Pugh buckled under the federal indictments and convictions, even though the District Attorney continued to seek charges against several of Pugh's victims .

How long should we hold our collective breath for 369th District Court bailiff and Constable Pct. 3 Randy Thompson to have state charges levied on top of his 12 year federal drug sentence????
Something like that might actually make it into the local papers and no one needs to know about a Cherokee County district court bailiff selling crank to an undercover federal agent.....
I mean good ol' Randy Thompson's appeals haven't been exhausted and there's a thin chance he'll win his appeal, unlike poor ol' Larry Pugh. The bodies are starting to pile up.

Post script: the Tyler Morning Telegraph ran a two-part series on ex-Jacksonville, TX patrol officer Larry Pugh titled "One Bad Cop" regarding 2 missing federal witnesses. Unfortunately, they portray Pugh's victims as streetwalkers; secondly Cherokee County has had more than one bad peace officer. Wonder if an expose' will be published on 369th district court bailiff Randall Thompson, convicted of intent to distribute meth.... Hats off to the Tyler Morning Telegraph for showing concern, yet following Pugh's and the Cherokee County district attorney's talking points. Larry Pugh was partly responsible for the Tomato Bowl riot at the Jacksonville high school homecoming in October 2004. After being assaulted by Pugh, Larry Hinton of Jacksonville was charged, tried and acquitted for "interfering with an investigation." Hinton later settled out of court with the city of Jacksonville for an undisclosed amount. Larry Pugh's last rape survivor was awarded $300,000 with more federal law suits on the way.

The city of Jacksonville, Texas and the police department are facing numerous civil suits because of the actions of one out-of-control officer in their brotherhood and cult of confession.

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The decomposing bodies of Larry Pugh's complainants scheduled to testify at his federal trial also recently surfaced in the Angelina National Forest. Remember folks, as the former Jacksonville, TX police chief stated "don't jump to conclusions," even though Larry Pugh was hired directly from the Athens, TX PD amidst allegations and investigations of 20 other rapes.
Perfect man for the job of East Texas traffic enforcement in the wee morning hours. As the Tyler Paper online cites Pugh's "exemplary police record," and laments on how such a "good cop" with a wife and children could turn to easing his boredom in such a small town by tracking down AIDS infected drug addicts, just to have unprotective sex with them in dirty cemeteries.

Here's the heads up: Larry Pugh, like those before him, sought out the most illegal thing he could do, short of child pornography, and get away with it every day. He got a kick out of getting away with it in front of his beautiful wife and children, so he could wipe his and Cherokee County's collective ass on the law. The locals are to believe that Larry Pugh acted alone in disposing of his federal witnesses. The guy was out on federal bond and he was monitored. How can someone with a federal indictment have access to personal records of his complainants (located at the Jacksonville, Texas city hall) via the Freedom of Information Act?

No charges were ever filed on Officer Pugh by Cherokee County until he pled guilty in federal court and was sentenced. The Cherokee County media paint Pugh's victims as "transients" and drug addicts, while feigning public sympathy, as in the Jacksonville Daily Progress articles citing the missing Shunte Coleman and Terri Reyes.

This is a common Cherokee County tactic propogated by the District Attorney's office, a la' the hit and run homicide of Jacksonville, TX resident Jennifer Hester who, according to Elmer Beckworth et al, was drunk passed out in the parking lot the night of her nursing school graduation. Why didn't Beckworth bother to convene a bonafide petit jury for the mother of a 2 year old? Elmer Beckworth, the city of Jacksonville and Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell told the Hester family "they couldn't investigate a homicide in a private parking lot ."
Instead they collectively claim Jennifer Hester was only a transient alcoholic. Just like they claim Larry Pugh's rape victims are merely homeless drug addicts. Unfortunately, local media outlets follow suit and report nothing on the 9 other rape complaints.

Terri Reyes body was found in September 2006 after she was reported missing by her mother, during the time police officer Larry Pugh was released on federal bond.

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Terri Reyes, missing - remains found in Angelina National Forest

Shunte Coleman, mother of two, went missing after leaving a friend's home.
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Shunte Coleman, missing

Both were potential federal witnesses against Pugh, while Pugh was out on federal bond between April 2006 and August 2006. We are to believe that Larry Pugh acted alone in his crimes and the locals hope the case is closed without further scrutiny.

If only Cherokee County had the ACIM alert system earlier to locate Larry Pugh's witnesses who were going to testify against him.
Only in Cherokee County, Texas can law enforcement pat themselves on the back when their citizens go missing (when their own is out on federal bond) and then have the nerve publish their negligence.

Larry Pugh has pled to 12 federal years for his sexual assaults he committed while patrolling the streets of Jacksonville, Texas; he gets to serve his state time concurrently for only raping "a female inmate." Easy math.

Not to be outdone by the county that hired and defended ex-officer Larry Pugh, the US Attorney's office has decided to add another 5 years to Pugh's 12 year sentence for his perjury. On top of Pugh's 3 federal charges of sexually assault and retailation, Officer/Defendant Pugh lied during the civil rights trial brought on by one of his surviving victims. The lawsuit was brought on by nine (9) women Larry Pugh raped "at their homes, abandoned apartments and a cemetery."
According to Cherokee County newspaper outlets, such as The Jacksonville Daily Progress, Pugh's victims were all "homeless" and drug addicts----yet 9 of his victims lived in actual homes in the area. Again, the most recent of Larry Pugh's assault victims was actually awarded $300,000 (they'll never see) in a civil suit filed after his incarceration, AGAIN NOT ACCURATELY REPORTED BY CHEROKEE COUNTY NEWSPAPERS.

These 'news outlets' did report the unfortunate decision by a federal judge not to hold the city of Jacksonville, TX monetarily responsible for hiring the convicted rapist cop. Despite the documented record of excessive force and sexual crimes. Many, many more civil suits are in the works against the now Federal felon Larry Pugh and his entire Cherokee County law enforcement support group. Certainly none will be published, unless favorable to the city and county.

This typical lying and propaganda either deliberately or ignorantly reported will be dissected at the end of this blog. Dont confuse us with the facts.

If only the Jacksonville, Texas Rape Crisis Center wasn't running a funding deficit of over $150,000 because the state cut them off. Maybe then a local officer's victims could have DNA rape kits ran as unimpeachable State's evidence against the rapist cop.

Henderson County, TX:

In other news, Larry Pugh may have cellmate in federal prison with the indictment of Malakoff, TX police officer Horace Poullard, in neighboring Henderson County. Poullard is also accused of raping a female traffic stop while she was in custody.
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Another example of arrested for 'Driving While Female' in the backwoods of East Texas.
That won't stop the East Texas girls from attending the Texas Redneck Games as reported by Cherokee County media outlets.

And there we can find the tiny little story about Jacksonville, TX police officer Larry Pugh getting tossed overboard by his buddies at the Cherokee County district court.
The East Texas Redneck games recently held in Henderson County is being investigated by local police for permit violations and the raunchy debauchery taking place. Such events like the "Butt Ugly Butt Crack Contest," "The Spam Eating Contest" and the "Mattress Toss Off" have been spotlighted and advertised. Complete with a Wet T-shirt Contest.
This is not an event for minors or minorities.

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For several years the white trash convention and redneck rodeo has been held in neighboring Cherokee County's Shiloh Ridge outside Alto, TX, amidst complaints. The last rowdy tobacco chewin' event took place August 4-11, 2006 in Alto, TX and was greeted with open arms by the community. However, the good people of Kilgore, TX chose to distance themselves from the misleading advertisement of the Alto, TX Redneck Games by banning signs promoting the ATV event.

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In more sordid news, Nacogdoches County, TX Sheriff Deputy and jailer Michael Paul Kennedy age 32, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for accessing child porn on the internet. And storing the illegal images he purchased with a credit card on his personal computer. Kennedy had worked for 8 years in the Nacogdoches, TX jail, being the second Nacogdoches County jailer this year to be indicted on Federal child pornography charges. Ex-deputy Brian Sowell faced charges in early April 2007, after his wife caught him chatting on the internet with underage girls.
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Deputy Sowell- Nacogdoches, TX deputy

Deputy Sowell was immediately suspended by his superiors in Nacogdoches, TX when the case broke. Unlike Larry Pugh's counterparts in neighboring Cherokee County who continued to employ the patrolman (until Nov. 2005) as they prosecuted Pugh's victims and women he falsely arrested and raped in his patrol car.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss has publicly admitted he is "sickened and disgusted with the department." Hopefully Sheriff Kerss can clean house. Certainly both Kennedy and Sowell deserve the benefit of the doubt of being innocent unless proven guilty. At least they have been caught and not promoted.

Now for the record, let's look at this week's Articles of Disinformation:
Let's begin with Cherokee County's version of events reported about convicted rapist, ex-Jacksonville, TX patrolman Larry Pugh, as reported by The Jacksonville Daily Progress:
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"Pugh pleads guilty to state charges"
By Kelly Young, reporter for Jacksonville Daily Progress

Former Jacksonville Police Officer Larry Pugh pled guilty in state court Tuesday to one count of aggravated assault and two counts of forcing an inmate to have sex with him while in custody, according to District Attorney Elmer Beckworth. Pugh, 34, was sentenced to 12 years in state prison for the assault charge and to two years for each of the sex charges.Pugh had previously been sentenced, back in March, to 12 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to forcing two women to have sex with him while on duty. He also admitted to retaliating against one of the victims when she began cooperating with the Jacksonville Police Department’s investigation into the matter.The federal and state sentences will run concurrently. Pugh’s sentencing Tuesday marks the end of his federal and state cases, though he still faces three pending sexual assault civil cases and one excessive force case.

1. "He (Pugh) also admitted to retaliating against one of the victims when she began cooperating with the Jacksonville Police Department’s investigation into the matter."

FACT: Larry Pugh did not use the Freedom of Information Act to gain inside knowledge from the Jacksonville Police Department. Secondly, Pugh's last victim did not "start cooperating" with the Jacksonville Police Department. The victim(s) tried to file charges with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, the FBI in Tyler, TX and those agencies in turn notified the Cherokee County District Attorney. They (the victims) probably went straight to the Crisis Center for a DNA/pregnacy test after their trip to the hospital after being beaten and raped by Pugh.

Larry Pugh was probably told by these entities that they had filed rape reports, hence the sudden media reporting on the lack of funding for the Jacksonville Crisis Center. Sounds fishy.

2. The excessive force case mentioned in the tiny minded article fails to mention that the same District and County Attorneys who offered up Pugh's plea bargain on State charges, actually filed charges and went to trial on those same trumped up charges against several of Pugh's victims. Read all about it above.

3. The biggest misdirection by the Cherokee County District Attorney is to charge ex-officer Larry Pugh with having forced sex with an "inmate," while totally ignoring Pugh's other 9 rape victims during his late night traffic stops. Then implying it was only an "inmate" he retaliated against. Larry Pugh's last rape victim was not retaliated against while she was in custody; Pugh stalked her down after she notified the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department and the FBI. The woman owns a home, she is not a drug addict and was probably not ever in Pugh's "custody." Although she was already a complaintant in an open federal case against Pugh and the City of Jacksonville. Larry Pugh was out on federal bond when he tried to drag this woman kicking and screaming into a van.

Larry Pugh was recruited and hired by Cherokee County and the city of Jacksonville, TX despite multiple complaints against him. He was bought and paid for and given free reign to terrorize the population. As stated earlier, these renegade cops are paid from the taxpayer's coffers to possess weapons and operate police vehicles, while simultaneously perpetrating violent criminal acts upon the citizenry.

Just because the former Chief of Police Mark Johnson resigned in May 2006 after Pugh's actions and indictments, doesn't mean the entrenched buddy system left with him. Officer Pugh's charges began as misdemeanors in February 2006 to a 12 + year federal sentence in May 2007. During this time period, the Cherokee County attorney and District Attorney prosecuted several of Pugh's arrests/victims. Larry Pugh was also acting out on his federal retaliation charge while out on bond.

Former Jacksonville police chief Mark Johnson was scooped up weeks after his resignation and hired as a Cherokee County constable for Precinct No. 3.

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Cherokee County Pct. 3 is former 369th bailiff and convicted drug dealer Randy Thompson's old stomping ground. Johnson and fellow officer Ray Bouman left the Jacksonville PD "under FBI scrutiny and accusations."

Tyler, TX:

Look at this guy: Randal Roark, 49 from Tyler, TX.
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He is under indictment after jail time for harassing people and now allegedly impersonating a Smith County District Attorney Investigator. He supposedly attempted to gain personal information on employees of the Tyler based East Texas Medical Center by posing as an investigator. What gave him away? Now Mr. Roark faces 3rd degree felony charges in the 241st District Court. According to the article, he may have a brain tumor, but at least he has an excuse for his pathological lying. The Cherokee County District Attorney's office may need to hire this guy before his state ordered lobotomy.