Cherokee County wives make XXX videos

Crystal meth and unprotected sex: the two largest Cherokee County industries. [warning graphic]

In-laws. Sons and daughters. Grandmothers and wives. A badge and unfettered access to narcotics. Nary has a secret got past the listening ears of Cherokee County law enforcement and investigators. Especially porn videos starring local married women. They are eager participants in some down right sick stuff, even in the age of the Internet and AIDS. Cherokee County, Texas is a cheaters’ mecca, relying on the Sheriff’s Department and district attorney’s office for a supply of gullible locals and passerby's to blackmail. In the past the blackmail has turned to suicide and murder for life insurance. Complaints fall on deaf ears. The Tyler FBI has remained silent, as not to sully an already decades' old pattern of infidelity and corruption. Local newspapers continue to ignore the incestuous sex trade along with the communal health hazard, and instead choose to hold out for advertising revenue.

Those in the know help cover their pornographic tracks by any means necessary, as the Rusk Cherokeean Herald did 30 years straight for veteran Rusk ISD teacher Harold ‘Bo’ Scallon. Reporters and editors foolish enough to break stories regarding what they witness are sent packing. Women snatched off the highway like Shunte Coleman and Terri Reyes, who refuse to participate, are never heard of again. Even after their remains have been found, charges have never been filed for the rape and murder of missing women who reported being attacked by Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh. And even though Jacksonville's finest is sitting in Federal prison for the "retaliation and deprivation of civil rights" of a lone victim who lived to tell her tale after being raped at gunpoint. As long as federal authorities continue to look the other way when women go missing in Cherokee County, TX all we can do is pray for the victims. When law enforcement whose main source of income is peddling drugs enables local women to enter the amateur porn industry, that's an equally volatile combination. This is Cherokee County tax dollars hard at work.
Illegal substances are readily accessible in East Texas to certain 'connected folks,' thanks to hired drug mules trolling the courthouse and under the radar of "narcotic task forces."  Their informants/lovers are kept under the thumb by feeding them illicit substances and keeping them addicted. Especially bi-sexual women who want to keep their secret in the Bible Belt and their perverted husbands who like their porn star trophy wives. In Cherokee County it is generational. In turn, these women say and do whatever they are told after exploiting themselves, either under their spouses' noses or behind their backs. They have ingratiated themselves with every Tom, Dick, and Harry willing to swing with them, beginning with any bored constable, any lawyer, and any elected official who gives them the time of day. It goes on for decades. When the money runs out, they conspire to cash in life insurance policies taken out on their husbands or some poor out-of-town sap.

They know after years of adultery they can count on the district attorney's office to back them up. It wouldn't be the first time in Cherokee County. Pray for the family members agonizing in silence who are too afraid to speak out. And pray for those in Cherokee County who get a kick out of this kind of sociopathic filth, while elevating these women in the local Rusk Cherokeean newspaper for the last 20 + years. Drugs combined with pathological narcissism spells disaster for everyone involved in small towns, including their enablers hiding behind pretend Christianity.

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