About- Cherokee County's history of child molestation, murder for insurance, sexual blackmail, and illegal wiretapping

A child molester was the head of the Cherokee County Probation Department in Rusk, Texas for over 3 decades, and everybody knew it.

Over the last 40 + years, Cherokee County, Texas prosecutors and judges have given probation to local child molesters who were sent over to Carl Phillips’ Probation Department for supervision. They want the residents to believe that Carl Phillips, who was a couple months away from ending his own 10-year probation for stealing county funds, that in his retirement with full State benefits, for some reason he decided to start molesting at the age of 70.

If they were unaware a pedophile was operating the Probation Department, then they would have mentioned that he worked for the county for 35 years and was on felony probation when he was arrested.

While on 10-year felony probation for theft, Carl Phillips was confident he could get away with molesting a child for over 18 months. Cherokee County newspapers refused to identify him when he was arrested.

Carl Phillips was the head of Cherokee County Adult Supervision and worked with the county for over 35 years. In December 2019, he was sentenced to 50 years for ongoing child molestation.

(Source: Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months KETK)

The District and County Attorneys’ offices want the public to believe Carl Phillips was not molesting children while he was stealing money from the Cherokee County Probation Department to buy himself toys, and that they were unaware of his ongoing illegal activity for over 35 years. That's like saying the small town Mayor doesn't know what the Chief of Police is up to for 35 years because they don't work together or know each other; it's patently false and ludicrous. County officials to this day stand in solidarity with a group of people who run the place like a Perverts’ Camp. They are genetically, socially, and politically connected at the hip as news articles published year after year prove.

Cherokee County officials are best friends with child molesters, working with them for decades.

Sheriff James Campbell, Rusk school teacher Bo Scallon, et al side by side monitoring the children's swimming pools at the Rusk Youth Center circa 1983. Bo Scallon was sentenced to 6 -1/2 years for possession of child porn in 2008 after serving as grand jury foreman for decades.

Cherokee County officials can publish phone conversations illegally recorded during business calls throughout the area, while pretending for decades not to know their own best friends, grand jury foremen, and Sheriff deputies are molesting school children.

They put their own sons and daughters in office to keep stealing out of the county coffers. They illegally wire tap people’s phone conversations in the City Hall and throughout the area under the guise of “narcotics enforcement.” They lie under oath in order to be seated on juries. They rape the tax payers while paying pennies on their own property taxes. They’ll kill business owners for life insurance and frame innocent people. They proudly write about it in their local newspapers or bury it so nobody talks about it, and retaliate against those who do speak out. They hate their community and the people they grew up with.

They re-elect a District Attorney every 4 years whose sole purpose is to keep the homegrown pedophile ring going so they can call them in for jury duty. Probated sex offenders are loyal to the District and County judges who offer them a free ride to sit on a grand jury. They vote the way they are told when they pretend to deliberate and the county cabal of lawyers is suing another company out of existence. Texas is the only U.S. state that allows jury trials for Family Law custody cases and Cherokee County does not strike known sex offenders. The only disqualifier is not being related to the County Judge or the bailiff. They are carpooled in by the truckload by DA Investigators.

The District Attorney’s office, the Sheriff Department, every single Rusk, TX courthouse employee, along with local attorneys, knew what Carl Philips was. They all get a kick having sentenced hundreds of sex offenders and rapists to probation monitored by a resident child molester.  East Texas newspapers raise money on the same sex offenders' behalf to clean them up for jury duty. Tyler’s 12th Court of Appeals rubber stamps convicted sex offenders sitting on Cherokee County juries. 

Cherokee County may not be the only county allowed to impanel registered sex offenders, but apparently the most flagrant. The District Judge’s signature can be forged by lower court judges on sex offender orders to get convicted child molesters’ sentences reduced in time for jury selection.

County Judge Craig Fletcher "CAF" illegally signs District Judge Bascom Bentley III's name on felony sex offender order (Source: Jacksonville Progress)


“Sunlight is the best disinfectant” -US Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941)

Welcome to Cherokee County, Texas, the glittering jewel and Civil War relic of East Texas: Population 47,000 and where minorities still count as 3/5ths human. The sunlight of outside scrutiny has begun to disinfect that festering boil of public corruption. A place where Jr. High girls at band practice and women driving home from work are raped on the side of the road by police officers. Where infant molesters are sentenced to probation by the district judge simply for being related to members of the school district Board of Trustees. Where black men checking on their livestock at night are beaten while handcuffed by trespassing, spotlighting and disguised sheriff deputies. Where homes and buildings are burned and business owners are killed for insurance money. Where parole violators’ bond money is kept after a fugitive convict is let out the next day to kill themselves and a DPS Trooper.

Where an innocent black man, after watching his pregnant wife get tasered and beaten, can be put on trial while the arresting officer is awaiting federal prison for rape and retaliation. Put on trial simply to stave off a federal rights suit against the county for recruiting law enforcement with police brutality histories.

A place where female federal witnesses who go missing before a police officer’s rape trial are referred to as “drug addicted street walkers and prostitutes,” simply for making statements to the Rape Crisis Center and FBI. Where the steps of the courthouse and city hall are made distribution sites for illegal drugs, embezzlement and theft of public service- and when caught, the culprit is written off as never being employed or appointed. Where laws can be created out of thin air on one day, and penal code statutes completely ignored the next by the district attorney’s office.

An incestuous clan of corruption.

After multiple arrests of their police chiefs, bailiffs, constables, patrol officers and sheriff deputies – and as many sitting in federal prison or under FBI investigation for civil rights violations, Cherokee County stands firm in its traditions of corruption and Klandestine [sic] activities. Cherokee County Texas voters not only accept it, they demand it from their elected officials, pastors, Postmasters, police, Kleagles and baby Klanspeople.

In customs handed down through the generations that only an East Texan could understand, their local newspapers are as content blaming little black kids for the failing TAKS test in their subpar public schools as they are fascinating their own children with Illiterate Civil War Alternative History. Namely that “the North invaded the South because the Yankees wanted our cotton crops…And a lot of black people fought in the Confederate Army, too, for States’ rights.”  Not that succession, slavery and the Union’s severe response broke our young country into pieces. Printing white trash Civil War revisionism in local newspapers nearly every single week on how “glorious” the only war fought on American soil was for the 3 million citizens involved and 600,000 who died. Convincing their ignorant selves that their own farmstead ancestors, prior to the invention of penicillin, were eager to have their limbs shot off in “The War of Northern Aggression.” And that black people would have been content being kept as property for a few more centuries under the States’ Rights of the agrarian South. Convincing themselves that because their family trees never split [the county], they are entitled to as many taxpayer venues as their lily-white hearts and Rebel Flags desire.

Quite a backdrop for national business chains trying to generate a profit in a county that is now primarily minority owned and operated. Meanwhile, bitter and uneducated types continue to cling to racist mentalities of the Reconstruction Era; an economic period that passed Cherokee County, Texas completely. Companies are sued out of existence, their corporate mail and business calls intercepted by the same people sworn to uphold the law. And the few people who charge themselves with operating their county services are swollen with White Pride as they strangle the last drop of taxpayers’ dollars from the local treasury.

The laws of the United States simply do not apply. All the while feigning fundamental, even turn of the century Puritan Christian values as minorities and immigrant entrepreneurs are made the scapegoat for the county’s failing economy. Perpetuating their pre-1964 world, these good ole ‘Christian’ country boys/biddies, after leaving their Sunday night prayer services, eagerly doff their Sunday go-to-meetin’ attire and don their favorite kambric [sic].

Not in a 20th Century suit and tie do they honor dead Southerners on the county square or at family cemeteries; No Sir, tailor made Shell Jackets and militia uniforms with fake ranks and bayonets are more appropriate when posing for front page propaganda. Constantly trying to stir up anxiety for the local black people whose slavery lineage stretches further back than anyone else’s.  Or as their community leaders rallying under Confederate States of America banner say: “If the sheet fits- wear it.”

Confed of Cherokee Co
[Rusk, Texas courthouse circa, Nov. 24, 2007 courtesy of the

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