Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Summerfield, TX hires police impersonator as Chief of Police

From: http://www.michaelmeissner.com

Again, readers, you will not find this posted in the local Cherokee County media:

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Michael Meissner ---the ideal Cherokee County peace officer

New Summerfield, TX has hired another rogue police officer, nationally known psuedo-Cop impersonator Michael Chase Meissner, who the mayor of New Summerfield incredulously defends in the March 19, 2007 Jacksonville Daily Progress. The applicant for police chief had a fake TCLEOSE certificate and bogus college degree, but that didn't stop Mayor Dan Stallings from hiring Meissner the famous "gypsy cop." Article located at:

Michael Meissner had apparently been on the www.lineofduty.com
blogs and watchlists for years. An expose on Meissner appeared on Tucson, AZ Channel 11 News.

C'mon, Mayor, why did was this guy really hired? You want the taxpayers to believe you have any say so, who your applicants are? In the era of instant background checks and making a few phone calls of your applicants' references, you would have found out who and what Michael Meissner is: a fraud. Meissner was hired for a reason--- because he IS rogue and willing to do whatever the Cherokee County District Attorney or Sheriff's Department would see him fit to.

Other more intelligent people have created a doissier on Michael Meissner.

The Jacksonville Daily Progress finally reports on the criminal background of New Summerfield's newest Chief of Police, before city council fired him after 5 days.

The website www.michaelmeissner.com systematically catalogs the bogus cops stints as
1. Caney City and Bardwell, TX police chief.
2. Operating a security business without a license.
3. Arrest warrants, bogus degree, complaints, etc.

And the continually updated website further elaborates within its archives, the history of Meissner's deception. There is a tips page, for readers to track him as well.

One would begin to believe that Michael Meissner is not a benign small town con-artist; he is a bonafide East Texas recruit that makes his living by doing underhanded things for officials that 'need something done.' He is not your run-of-the-mill loser with a Hero Complex. He is a predator 'cop' who was handpicked to replace outgoing police chief Randal Kennedy. With the ongoing political and criminal turmoil coming out of city hall, it is more likely that Meissner was hired to 'clean up' New Summerfield.
That is what makes Michael Chase Meissner the ideal Cherokee County, Texas law enforcement officer.

Don't hold your breath for an "investigation" on Michael Meissner by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department. They already investigated him and found him to be the perfect candidate. CCSD and New Summerfield would rather play ignorant and duped by Meissner to the media. Project Fool 'Em Again Today will be in full deployment.

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