Monday, October 19, 2009

Planting mens rea and having it both ways

Rusk Texas:
Cherokee County, TX is predictable because it is corrupt. Its court system is equally tainted and predictable, with its members lying through their collective teeth when the county's liability insurance is in jeopardy of being depleted by civil rights suits. The complete opposite of what is reality can be read in the local news each week for those willing to follow the morass of lies. In the eyes of many within the circle of corruption, it is a crime to sue law enforcement for a bungled raid, but it is perfectly OK for cousins and business partners of those being sued to be planted on the petit jury. Apparently it is the job of the local district attorney, with the help of judges and city councilmen, to make innocent people into criminals. There is no such thing as a "fair trial" when the real criminals are conducting the jury vetting.

A change of venue has officially been denied in the Robert Fox “tampering with the government” trial, even after months of propaganda in the local Cherokee County media. Fox filed multiple defamation suits against his accusers.

The 2nd Judicial District Court ruled that absolutely no publicity ever surrounded the Robert Fox case, despite months of news articles citing the “Taliban link” to the House of Israel and widely publicized press conferences conducted by the Jacksonville Texas police department. All of which touted the terrorist contraband of Robert Fox and his gang of “anti-government” Separationists. Now they want everyone to believe that no one in Cherokee County had even heard of Robert Fox. This coincided with the local media voluntarily burying actual accounts after Fox turned himself in.

As stated in this blog nearly a year ago, oral arguments in favor of moving the Fox proceedings away from the relatives of those Fox has sued (and the remainder of District Attorney Elmer Beckworth’s planted jurors and jurists) would be ruled as inconsequential to the outcome of the trial.

“The court heard testimony from various witnesses, including Jacksonville Councilman Kenneth Melvin, Cherokee County Judge Bascom W. Bentley III, [and] Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell.” (Source: Tyler Paper Oct. 10, 2009)

All of whom swore under oath that Robert Fox and associates could and would get a “fair trial” in Cherokee County. Are Cherokee County taxpayers truly convinced that a fair trial is feasible, or even a remote possibility? The District Attorney's witnesses also testified that only residents of the city of Jacksonville, TX had heard about the case, again despite months of coverage in every newspaper and televised news agency in East Texas. Only a county this corrupt would allow its elected officials to speak on the record directly to the jury pool, to tell them to feign ignorance of the news reports during voir dire. Then print the same rubbish in the newspapers that ran every single fabricated accusation against Fox and his associates for the last two years.

In the Tyler Paper, Cherokee County’s district attorney planted his version of the Defendant Robert Fox’s criminal intent of “demanding money” from city of Jacksonville employees earlier this year. (Source: Tyler Paper Oct. 10, 2009) That is, Robert Fox, et al threatened to and did monetarily sue in Federal civil court specific members of the Jacksonville, Texas police department for the illegal raid on the House of Israel. An open-ended raid which resulted in all previous charges against Fox being dismissed. Other leaks by Beckworth's office refer to alleged documents that indicate Fox was paid for some of his “legal advice,” i.e. barratry. The barratry charges were also dismissed.

This is how the Cherokee County court system operates, though. They bask in each other’s brilliance of having it both ways, their initial bogus charges not cutting the legal mustard, yet continuing to lie under oath that these news articles never made it to the eyes of Robert Fox’s potential jurors:
  • JPD arrests federal fugitive-Tuesday, April 08, 2008

  • JPD nabs fed fugitive claiming affiliation with Republic of Texas- Wednesday, April 09, 2008

  • State fugitive nabbed, large cache of illegal drugs found inside House of Israel building- Sunday, May 18, 2008

  • House of Israel leader says he didn’t know drugs were there-Tuesday, May 20, 2008

  • House of Israel's Robert Fox arrested-Thursday, May 22, 2008

  • Police say financial documents may show more evidence of illegality by House of Israel’s Fox- Saturday, May 24, 2008

  • BREAKING NEWS: Third search warrant in a month puts Fox back in jail -Thursday, June 12, 2008

  • JPD files felony warrant against House of Israel’s Fox- Saturday, July 26, 2008

  • Jacksonville residents react to charges against Robert Fox - Monday, July 28, 2008; reported by KLTV repeatedly on the nightly news.

  • If one lie doesn't stick, make another up and ignore existing Penal Codes.

    Another fine example of the "having it both ways" scenario is the previous prosecution of Robert Fox’s associate Barry Brooks on practicing dentistry without a license. Barry Brooks, the founder of the House of Israel and who performed charitable orthodontic services in Jacksonville, TX, was convicted in 2007 of practicing without a license. The impetus of the raid on the House of Israel during Robert Fox’s occupancy last year was ostensibly to recover the expired painkillers left in the abandoned dental office next door. (Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress May 20, 2009)

    former House of Israel, downtown Jacksonville, TX

    Barry Brooks is currently serving seven years in TDCJ. (Source: Cherokeean Herald May 6, 2009) However, Section 3 of the Texas Occupations Code was amended in 2005 to allow for charitable work for retired dentists.
    SECTION 3 Amends Section 256.102, Occupations Code, by amending Subsection (c) and
    adding Subsection (f), as follows:
    (c) Creates an exception as provided by Subsection (f).
    (f) Authorizes a dentist on retired status to perform an activity regulated under this
    subtitle if the dentist's practice consists only of voluntary charity care, as defined by
    board rule. Requires the board's rules under this subsection to prescribe the scope of
    practice permitted for the retired dentist, the retired dentist's authority to prescribe and
    administer drugs, and any continuing education requirements applicable to the dentist. S.B. 610 (Dental Practice Act), Title 3, Chapter 256, Subchapter C, Section 256.102 – Retired Status