Monday, July 20, 2020

The Perfect Storm

The duly elected President of the United States is accused of secretly doing exactly what rogue politicians and law enforcement do in plain sight. The incestuous media repeats every lie fed to them while Silicon Valley tech giants actively participate in the inversion of reality. A large chunk of the population eagerly goes along with it, politically cheering on even what negatively impacts their own families. Government corruption is written off as unique circumstances that require more government to fix, i.e. a "perfect storm" of unfortunate but unrelated events that only they can solve - but never do. NO ONE IS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Sound familiar Cherokee County?
Entrenched government employees illegally wiretap their political enemies. There are so many willing participants of in-your-face corruption that they can frame a 5-Star General and the President of the United States for something that never that never took place. They get away with it because affiliated judges allow prosecutors to bring in their allies to sit on the juries. When they get caught fabricating evidence and witness tampering, the appellate courts knowingly ignore it or make up laws on the bench to justify it. It is a perfect storm of corruption in the Deep State, the Swamp, and small town USA we all know about it. They get away with murder and silencing their critics like in China.

New York:

How did high profile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein kill himself in a federal jail cell under CCTV surveillance? The same maximum security facility where El Chapo is guarded?

Attorney General William Barr says Epstein's 'suicide' was “the perfect storm” of incompetent jailer screw-up, broken video cameras, and outdated prison procedures. Reassignments, terminations and reprimands resulted. NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. (Source: Fox News)

New Jersey:

Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell is under protective custody in nearby federal holding facilities where she too faces being 'suicided.' (Source Fox News) Her mishandled prosecution will also be written off as "too many bad things happening at once" at the DOJ. Spokespeople for the New York Federal District Courts will claim "there's too much chaos going on with BLM protesters and COVID-19 lockdowns...and you know it is probably Donald Trump's Tweets causing all of this."

Washington DC:

In the summer of 2016, Bernie Sanders staffer Seth Rich was gun downed in the wee morning hours steps away from his Washington DC apartment. He is reported to be the link between WikiLeaks and the release of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails. His drinking buddies Democrat Congressional IT staffers Imran Awan and brother Abid had complete access to Democrat computers and email servers. Even though the brothers are tied to Pakistani Intelligence, they were hired and coddled by Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Awan was sentenced to 3 months probation for bank fraud after trying to flee the country, their crimes swept under the carpet and barely mentioned in national media. (Source: Washington Examiner)

Seth Rich had been at a local Washington DC bar with the Imran Awan brothers the night he was murdered. Rich was shot twice in the back and spoke to police before dying 2 hours later at the hospital. The attack was caught on unreleased surveillance cameras; he had not been robbed.  Julian Assange offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. (Source: People's Pundit Daily) Hillary Clinton’s and Congressional Democrat email servers have never been handed over to the FBI to prove any foreign hacking. The media says Seth Rich was "at the wrong place at the wrong time" and continue the Russian collusion delusion.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane: the license to illegally spy and lie under oath.

The NSA, CIA, and FBI in concert with media outlets illegally spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and continued after he took office. Multiple federal laws have been broken, including lying to the FISA courts. Top FBI officials are on record routinely leaking classified information to the media and lying about it under oath. Even though Inspector General Michael Horowitz' report spells out the fabrication of evidence in order to obtain multiple FISA surveillance warrants, NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  (Source: DOJ)

Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified he didn't even read the FISA Warrant applications he was signing for, the bulk of which the FBI outsourced to Clinton lawyers at Fusion GPS (Source: AMP) Like Jeffrey Epstein's jail crew, reprimands, reassignments, and terminations are touted by lily-livered politicians as being sufficient punishment. NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

It's all Donald Trump's fault.

For over 3 years US Attorney John Durham has been investigating the Obama administration’s basis for illegal wire taps on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page and the genesis of the FBI's Operation Crossfire Hurricane Russian collusion probe. NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Meanwhile, Trump has been impeached for allegedly working for both the Russians and the Ukraine, along with being the cause of every natural disaster, pandemic, and murder of every black person on the planet since the beginning of time. The Deep State slow walks prosecuting members of the Swamp while it works double-time to frame, financially ruin, and lock up members of Trump's presidential transition team.

After Trump’s 2016 win, incoming National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn’s phone calls to world leaders were intercepted by Obama officials and illegally leaked to media outlets. Gen. Flynn was unmasked 53 times by 39 different Obama officials including VP Joe Biden. Even though Republicans run the Senate Judiciary Committee and are supposed to provide oversight, NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR FRAMING A 3 STAR GENERAL.

Granted, it would be nearly impossible for Deep State prosecutors to bring Federal charges against former Obama officials in the Democrat run District of Columbia, especially during a presidential election. Democrat appointed judges oppose anything that may benefit Donald Trump. But they can lock up Trump supporters for "lying" about things that never took place.

FBI Director James Comey told the world in his infamous 2016 Press Conference (about Hillary Clinton's private email servers) that even though she broke multiple laws mishandling classified information, no Washington DC prosecutor would have the cojones to bring charges. No Washington DC judge would hear the case and no Washington DC jury would ever convict a Democrat for violating National Security.  On the other hand, low tier Trump allies face pre-dawn FBI raids, stacked juries, and Obama appointed judges.

Will the biggest hoax of the Trump/Russia collusion probe be that no one will be held accountable for the attempted coup of the President of the United States?

Illegally spying on presidential campaigners, the collusion with Russian assets, the framing of innocent Americans, and the colossal waste of tax dollars during the Mueller Probe will all be written off as THE PERFECT STORM of anti-Trumpers just doing what they thought was right at the time. The inevitable conclusion of the Russian Hoax probe will end in hand-wringing and promises by politicians "to try to do better in the future." Had any single one of these crimes even been alleged against any member of Trump's team, Republicans and Democrats alike would be demanding heads to roll and traitors to be locked up YESTERDAY.

Meanwhile, they have set the precedent to do it again and keep the public from finding out. They've accomplished swaying the 2018 midterm elections with Russian propaganda paid for with taxpayer dollars they ran 24-7 on cable news, regaining the House of Representatives and impeaching the President.

What are they covering up? Just the illegal wiretapping of private citizens to affect the outcome of a presidential election.

"You did everything by the book, right?..."

The American people will continue to be fed the lie that James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, et al were simply “overzealous” in their duty to expose Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. That they made simple mistakes and multiple misjudgments along the way that were the “perfect storm” of mishandled classified information, unmasking and accidentally leaking phone calls, and that they were beguiled by Clinton opposition research (and their understandable hatred for Donald Trump).

The Attorney General of the United States knows a federal grand jury would scoff at the fact the entire Trump/Russian Collusion narrative was fabricated and perpetuated by the same rogue FBI agents who covered for Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. He understands the entire story of the truth will be rewritten by a handful of traitors waiting for him to toss in the towel. The American people have to accept that a Democrat campaign can pay foreigners for made up dirt on opponents, the FBI can use Russian disinformation to obtain FISA warrants, and FBI agents are political hitmen.

Whether it is the federal government in Washington D.C., or the corrupt county courthouse in Podunk, USA, they will always lie and collectively cover their asses to stay in power. They not only need you to repeat their lies, they need you feel good about it.  It happens at the highest offices in the land, and it doesn't happen by accident or the mismanagement of "unforeseeable events." The cabal attacks in unison anything and anyone who exposes its criminal activity and threatens its existence. Murder for hire, blackmail, the sexual abuse of children, illegal interception of phone calls and emails; framing people and the misapplication of the law is how the unscrupulous few stay in power.

"Know your place, peasants."

A corrupt government breaks its contract with the people when it spreads Fake News, spies on its citizens, and fabricates criminal charges against political enemies. We are at the point in our history that the many in the federal bureaucracy think the citizens are slaves to the State. Hopefully the Washington Deep State will face a storm of patriots come November.

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