1989 Ector County murder investigation leads to Jacksonville, TX sex offender

Jacksonville, TX sex offender Thompson "Tommy" Ward Stricklen, Jr. 52, was arrested July 24, 2015 by Ector County officials in connection to a cold case involving the murder of a 15-year old Odessa, TX girl. In 1989, Odessa Police found the body of Wendy Burdette beaten, raped, and her throat cut. Stricklen was not charged, but remained their prime suspect for decades. After serving time for the sex assault of his mentally retarded 11-year old sister-in-law, Stricklen settled in Cherokee County in 1998 and began his sex offender supervision with the Rusk, TX Sheriff's Department. His Rusk in-laws have not updated his mandatory sex offender verification requirements since 2011. Instead for the last decade, Stricklen and his own handicapped teen daughter have been lauded by local media as examples of East Texas charity.

(Source:  CBS 7 July 24, 2015)

Thanks to DNA collected by law enforcement in 2005, the DPS notified the Odessa Police Department in February 2015 of a positive match to Stricklen from a semen sample taken from Wendy Burdette's deceased body back in 1989. Tommy Stricklen, who was 27 at the time of the murder, admitted to Odessa authorities during a February 2015 interview to having sex with the underage teen. Congratulations Jacksonville Daily Progress for another of a long line of child molesters paraded under our noses and under the guise of benevolence and generosity. Simply because you are genetically related to each and every one of them. You even go so far as to raise money for their families while pretending incest, drug use, rape, and murder does not occur in your neck of the woods. You can refer to them by their aliases when you publish glowing stories of their school age offspring, i.e your cousins, but the facts remain the same: Cherokee County, Texas is a cakewalk for lifetime registered sex offenders.


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