Carver Christian College president on felony probation for Forgery


The financial collapse of Lon Morris College leads to Carver Christian College

Jacksonville, TX:

As a non-profit instituiton, Lon Morris College functioned entirely on Federal Student Loan grants, donations, and charities. In 2012 the LMC campus properties were diivied up between lien holders while the Attorney General's office sued Lon Morris president Dr. Miles McCall over a missing $1.3 million endowment. As in most Cherokee County cases hidden from the public, the actual embezzlement and subsequent bankruptcy proceedings that dealt the final blow to the State's oldest school hangs in limbo. Why hasn't the Lon Morris Board of Directors been held accountable for cashing in the $1.3 million James Long endowment tendered at the Texas National Bank of Jacksonville?

Lesson One: How to Spot a Counterfeit 

Under much fan-fare and hoopla in the Jacksonville Daily Progress, Atlanta-based Carver Christian Institute has moved into Lon Morris' vacancy this year thanks to the dealings of college president Dr. C. Dwyane Hollins with local officials.
The Jacksonville City Manager Mo Raissi, Marc Farmer of the Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation (JEDCO), and property owner Jack Webb "were very instrumental and supportive in the former Lon Morris Campus becoming the home site of Carver College." Source: Your East Texas
carlton Dwayne rev hollins
Courtesy: Gregg County, TX

Following in Lon Morris' footsteps, the locals laud a convicted felon operating another fake theological school designed to funnel money into their pockets. In June 2011, Carlton Dwayne Hollins was charged in Gregg County, TX on forgery charges, a 3rd Degree Felony. According to court records, he is currently on felony probation. (Source: Jacksonville Progress) Hollins was sentenced for passing bad checks and fake $100 bills in the Longview area. According to a KLTV investigation, the actual accreditation and affliations of the Carver Christian Institute is also in question, as enrolled Fall students wait out what will turn out to be another Lon Morris fiasco.

This is simply how Cherokee County, their local newspapers, and their government officials operate. When it benefits the handful of people running the place into the ground, the City of Jacksonville ignores the State Education Code regarding the restrictions felons have within charter schools and the disclosure of their criminal histories. The City of Jacksonville also ignores the State University Accreditation guidelines as it tries to sell another bad Bill of Goods to the region, under the guise of counterfeit Christianity. When out of town news agencies do their due diligence, they all pretend to have no knowledge of the charade. The fact is the City of Jacksonville openly solicited a convicted felon to open up a fake college in their town.


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